Wishing time away . . .

Friday was World Children’s Day.

I did even know this until I saw the now iconic GOOGLE DOODLE that day. I then started noticing more and more empty seats in my office and when I inquired, I found out that almost every mother had taken off work to spend the day with their children.

As I walked home through the park it was filled with parents and children playing and quite simply enjoying each other’s company – it was an amazing thing to watch.

When I got home to find the same collection of parents playing in the garden with their kids it just reinforced for me one of the amazing cultures I’m starting to realize in China. You see for some reason the western individuals have become so focused on the future and progress that we (and I include myself here) have almost stopped enjoying today because we are so focused on tomorrow.

The people here (and again I grossly over generalize) have somehow found a way to progress at the speed of light but all the while ensuring they do not miss out on the importance of enjoying today. Often I walk through the parks on my way home or on weekends and find people singing, playing instruments or doing traditional dancing. They aren’t doing this for money or for any other reason than enjoying every second of the time they have.


This starts to make me think of the brilliance of the Allan Grey adverts (I have written about the unimaginably good KING JAMES agency before) and one advert in particular . . .


You see until I moved half away around the world from my friends and family I often used to catch myself wishing time away.

You know what I mean. Weddings you don’t really want to be at, birthdays of people you don’t really know, events or dinner you are forced into. The truth is you keep thinking there will be more time and more time and so wishing a few hours away doesn’t seem like a lot, doesn’t seem like a major sacrifice. The question you should ask yourself is how would you behave if that party or dinner or event, no matter how annoying, if it was your last one. would you behave any differently?

If the answer is yes, which it most certainly will be, then you need to ask yourself why.

We all have a finite time on this earth and the one thing we know for absolute certain is that we have no idea when it’s up. I’m not going to go into a whole soppy speech about tell those people you love them and every other sentimental line from PS I love you, but just think about it for a minute.

When you wake up every morning and go to bed every night without those people around you who you really care about you start to think about these things, but it shouldn’t take anyone to get to that point before we realize how important enjoying every moment with those people.

There’s a little soppiness for you today – from tomorrow I will be back to my normal self and I think will post some nudity just to compensate 😉

2 thoughts on “Wishing time away . . .”

  1. You may not understand why but I thank you for this article as you have helped me make a very important decision and I appreciate it. However on a seperate note, whilst we’ll not wish time away, we look forward to the day we see you again!! Much love!

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