The Limitless pill . . .

If you haven’t seen the movie limitless yet then there are a few things you first need to do here . . .

  1. Close your browser and move your keyboard out of the way
  2. Slam your head against the desk until you feel dizzy
  3. Apologize to yourself for not having seen this movie
  4. Download / Rent / Buy or however you get your movies – the movie Limitless
  5. Once you have watched the movie open your browser and start reading

Now that you are back in control of your life and have improved it slightly by watching this movie you now get the title of this article – congratulations!


Now let me get on with telling what the hell it means . . .

So you see most industries have their own slang or terminology, this is true all over. You don’t realize how much of it there is until you change industries or change markets. In fact you probably have no idea but every email you send, every phone call you take or discussion you have with a colleague you are spewing out terms that, if someone on the street where to hear you, they’d think you were speaking a different language.

You know what I’m talking about, just stop now and think about words you use with clients or payroll or HR systems. Terms for processes, systems or job titles, words that have become such a part of your vocab you actually have no clue that they mean nothing outside of your working bubble!

So when you switch jobs or markets or industries or company’s (if you’ve ever done any of these) you will know how annoying it is to relearn all of these stupid names, nicknames, acronyms, systems, processes etc. etc.

So now imagine my situation. I have moved to Shanghai and so I have switched jobs, markets & companies. Not only have I changed all of this but every new term and explanation for the slang here is in CHINESE!

This is where my limitless pill comes in, you see you will never truly understand the frustration of not being understood until you live somewhere where no one understands you. Sure you’ve been to Florence on holiday and the waiter brought you the wrong soup cause you were trying out the two words of Italian you think you learnt – well this is not quite the same you waspy bastard!

You take for granted being able to work to 100% (well some of us) of your ability because you take being able to communicate for granted! When you deliver an instruction generally it is understand and executed, well in my world it was like this at least. You can understand meetings and presentations and you can actively participate, give an opinion, propose an idea or defend yourself when being attacked unfairly. You can understand the subtlety of body language, tone of excitement or anger and facial expressions that match sentences. You can send and receive emails instantly reading, understanding and auctioning. You can make phone calls to discuss ideas and be understood clearly and quickly on the other end. You can use the web to research.

Imagine all of this was gone. Imagine you do not understand a single word of anything going on around you and you cannot add or subtract anything to the processes or systems happening in every square meter around your brain. Imagine just for a moment that every single word that is sent, spoken or presented is in a language so foreign that it may as well be hieroglyphics.

You are, for now, useless!

Now do you get why I crave the limitless pill?

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