Prop 19 must go through . . . who stands in our way?

if you dont know there is a very important vote taking place in November called PROP 19 – to potentially legalize MARIJUANA in CALI if it goes through STM will open new offices there and you are all welcome. So who can stop this?

In all seriousness though – how is this a bad thing in a South African context? I mean right from the fact that it will control who grows, distributes and can buy it (this will also improve quality lets be fair) through to freeing up police and courts who waste their time arresting and prosecuting users and finally to the fact that the government can ‘sin’ tax the f**K out of the product!

I mean i cannot think of an argument as to why this shouldnt happen – and dont come with your crap that people will just sit around and smoke all day and be unproductive cause lets be fair the people who are going to do that are f**king doing it already – i cant imagine civil society will all decide to leave their jobs and stay home and get stoned!

The bottom line remains it is illegal currently and no matter how stupid it is our government will continue to spend their time on stopping smokers from have a cigi ANYWHERE rather than looking at more financially viable solutions to problems – BUT wait there may be a solution short term (although we think its complete crap) here it is . . .

This stuff is apparently FAKE WEED with real effects and IS legal? I know doesnt sound quite real but apparently its not bad – IF YOU WANT THE FULL STONER REVIEW GO HERE – this company has a whole range of the stuff that seems well marketed and pretty cool packaging – GO CHECK OUT THEIR SITE?

2 thoughts on “Prop 19 must go through . . . who stands in our way?”

  1. I’m a pot smoker since basically I knew what marijuana was. I feel like everyone should be able to do what they want to do. I live in Cali. For me personally, it’s legal to posses and smoke medically. That alleviates the fear for me of getting busted for it. Which was a concern for me. So now I can smoke pot basically whenever I want however I want, but not in a car.

    But once it’s “regulated” now I bet DUI of marijuana will skyrocket. Yes you can posses it, and before it was an illegal drug so when you got pulled over and didn’t have any on ya, you’re pretty fucking safe. But now they’ll assume or even know for sure you jsut pulled out of a marijuana cafe and it’s more open to just ask or assume you just smoked what’s now legal. But still ILLEGAL to drive.

    And come on, all pot smokers know we ALL drive on it. And up until now the concern was having it on you. Because there’s now way to test for it in your system. I guar_un_FUCKING_tee you that if 19 passes, they’ll have some way, similar to the BAC, where it’s fuck or die. you’re busted and you lose your license, etc. To me that’s waaaaaaaaaaaay shittier to have any more suspision put on driving than just keep it where it is now. Kinda not as talked about, but you fucking do it behind closed doors.

    Legalization won’t really help. why “legalize it’, it’s fucking as good as legal now. why fuck with that. just get a medical card then like evderyone else.

  2. You see us in the third world battle to get the medical status through any where – in fact you basically have to be dying before you can get any kind of medical assistance from a smoking perspective! Our best hope is to convince the government that it is far more beneficial to every one down here if they just legalize the damn stuff!

    Bottom line we both sit with issues and if the law making party would just understand the other sides point of view we could then come to a reasonable compromise!

    Thanks for the comments and the insights man! SMOKE WELL!

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