Solar is the future . . . here’s hoping!

So my fellow STMer is rather green (in the environmental sense) well apart from the fact that his car contributes a fair amount to global warming, but in his honour I’ve decided to post the greatest solar powered inventions!

Now if we are going to save this world we are going have to go about it similarly to the old saying ‘how do you eat and elephant?’ well, one bite at a time!

Here’s a bite . . .

Solar Powered Camera Strap

What I’m trying to say is that if we work out a way to substitute electricity for solar in as many products or services that we can, it can only help!

Solar Powered Glasses

So I thought it important to show you a few samples of just how easy and brilliant it can be to take a normal every day product and use solar as a solution . . .

Solar Powered lounge Chair

Now true you may say that these are nice Photoshop examples of a good idea, but really, isn’t that were all brilliant things start? Isn’t the idea and the vision the most important part?

Solar Powered shower

If so then these are the perfect start, now it’s up to the rest of us to make them a reality! If nothing else can someone PLEASE invent the bikini one because it would be ideal to be able to stare and have the excuse of admiring a great product to fall back on!

The COUP DE GRACE - the Solar Powered Bikini!

Here are the rest of the ideas!

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