I don’t want to live in a world where Apple isn’t king!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now (apparently, on review, a lot longer than I thought while writing this), and in fact I have urged everyone I know for the last 6 – 8 months to move their money out of Apple and into Samsung, due to the impending switch of gadget gods.

I don’t put it down to the death of Steve Jobs, although I considered him a modern day Leonardo da Vinci of sorts. Even he could not have continued on the curve of innovation he had started with, perhaps he would have had the vision to do what he did to music in the Television sphere, but I still think that Apple was due for a gut check and its coming right about now.


When you are an innovator you are basically giving the world something before your competitors have time to copy it, and, in the case of Samsung that’s not a lot of time, but I believe the switch at the top of the electronics world is happening for greater reasons than this.

Samsung has managed to establish a range of products for all pockets, for all needs and for the entire household. They can offer you everything from a fridge, to a microwave to a TV and everything around it, but now, finally, they have the key to unlock them all, mobile.


Its almost as if Samsung have just been developing their arsenal in every shape and size for any possible situation and now they have the remote control, literally, to make them all work in unison. This is slightly different to Apples strategy of developing the greatest possible weapon ever, like the iPod, and hoping it’ll destroy anything. Apple, it would seem, are for the first time out gunned in the war.

I truly believe Samsung will be the next 20 years’ Sony of the 80s and will continue to make products in every conceivable shape or size for everyday use. My biggest fear though, well technology wise that is, is that with no one for them to chase they will inevitably become slack on innovation. Currently they are chasing the iPhone / iPad in the mobile market and this has yielded fantastic results for the consumer so far. Two great companies pushing each other in every new innovation only to the benefit of you and me. We finally have multiple, equally interesting and innovative devices to choose from, but what happens when Samsung overtake Apple, which may just have happened with the new Galaxy S IV?

The answer I’m afraid to say is the sexiness of new innovation will slowly wither and wilt and we will be forced to swallow whatever crap the manufacturers spit out at us. How do you think a giant like Sony managed to die? If you don’t believe me look at the substandard Apple products you’ve had to buy recently. iPhone 4s & 5 are basically just face lifted products with no benefit really if you compare the change from your Blackberry to the first iPhone – you didn’t quite get the same tech hard-on did you. Then there are retina display iPads, mini iPads and the like that again have insulted our expectation of Apples usual ability to blow our mind. They have become sad, slow, corporate and unless they bring me a TV that is paper thin and can fly around my house, they will have not continued on the path they set out on – I hope Steve is turning in his grave!


For now enjoy the competition between two parts of the world, South Korea & The US of A, two tech giants, Samsung & Apple and two innovation kings but mark my words enjoy it while it lasts because with the world not chasing Apple down the path of imagination the same thing will happen to tech as happened to golf when everyone didn’t have Tiger Woods to chase around Augusta National – IT WILL GET BORING!