Google wallet and how it IS going to change your world!

The first question I asked myself when confronted with the Google wallet was how is this any different from the Visa Pay Wave I wrote about a while ago? I mean if you think about it the only difference is I swipe my phone past a receiver rather than my wallet. I carry both, always, so really the only difference is dipping into my left or right pocket (spose my phone is generally out and in my hands so there’s a small plus)

Then I started to dissect the possibilities. You see unlike Visa, Google is not restrained to any single point or service provider. It really is the link between providers which means it can stretch its application far further than any stupid credit card. Think of anything you need to interact with via card – underground or metro, the gym, taxi drivers sometimes or even business cards.

Google can be any of these points of interaction!

Now before you think of the potential of this and how it may streamline your life somewhat, you need to overlay the amazing fact that Google basically owns the data on all of our lives. They know what we look for, where we go and now will know what we buy – what does this mean? SPECIALS! DISCOUNTS and, on the downside, endless targeting by every retailer in the universe!

I’m fairly certain that Google wallet, as it advances, will slowly put wallets in the same draw (by draw I mean line in the dictionary for extinct) as the yellow pages!

The incredible thing is that in a world where cellphone internet proliferation is faster than that of computers, this device could benefit any type of user no matter what age or LSM profile. The fact is from the most basic user (just small amounts & cellphone top ups) to the youngest user (preloaded lunch money and cell) to the highest spender Google wallet will simplify your life – the only downside, other than Google having its hands even deeper in your brain, is that I’ll have to find a new home for my Mont Blanc wallets

Just as one final point, if you are fairly tech savvy and are constantly looking to cut down on crap you carry around, you should be salivating about Google wallet right about now. The next question you should ask is – are you and iPhone user?


For the most comprehensive article on GOOGLE WALLET GO HERE – the brilliant ENGADGET has broken down everything you could ever want to know about it after spending a week putting it through its paces!So is this Google’s real opportunity to get Android up there with iOS appeal and that of all things Apple or will they cave and make and iPhone Google wallet app? Something to think about for now!


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