Advertising excellence from home!

So by know you should have worked out we LOVE creativity in pretty much any shape or form but mostly in ADVERTISING.

We get bombarded with so much ad crap nowadays everywhere we look that to get sent a piece of work like this is like finally seeing a slight hint of light in an otherwise very dark tunnel!

It’s even more inspiring when the credit goes to a South African agency, in this case Y&R! We are generally particularly critical on South African agencies, sometimes or probably mostly we are a bit unfair but that’s why when they exceed expectations like this they deserve serious credit!

This campaign takes the creativity of placement and adds to it the ingenious activation of the players inclusion to drive home a message and a product! This won a Gold Loerie and could not be more well deserved!

Watch and enjoy!


Look at your man . . . now look at me!

Old spice went through quite a tragic dip in recent years due to the fact that it was perceived as an old persons smell – in fact it was! But they have become rather resurgent in recent times trying to get the market from dying baby boomer’s to long life Gen X & Y and actually i think they may be onto something here?