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The KING is dead!

Sometimes life is sad...

By now you have all heard – tweeted – updated your face book profile and either told or concocted a joke about the demise and death of the king of pop. I was one of you – i must say i was shocked but then again wasnt really because people like this – and by like this i mean people who change the face of teh world in some creative way or another cant grow old – there is too much brilliance / madness pumping thorugh their veins that something has to go wrong – it just wouldnt be right for the E! THS about the person – but having said that i cant say i was upset at first – i mean sure the guy was truly one of the greatest and most talented human beings ever to shape our musical world and he was without doubt the greatest performer STM has ever seen!! NO QUESTION but it was only after i watched a very very poorly put together feature on VH1 of MJs top 40 songs did i realise what the world had lost!

I grew sad when so many songs that had created so many memories for whatever reason in my life would never be performmed live again with such power as only the KING of POP could – finally i realise the feelings my parents went through when possibly the only other king of a musc died – ELVIS!

MJ was a tortured genius from a young age forced to display his talent to the world and i must say im happy he was or the world would never have gained so much in performance / song writing but to be that man who has so much greatness thrust apon him from the age of 5 or 6 must have tormented his soul!

He was a true visionary and a true legend – LONG LIVE THE KING!

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