We can start watching golf again . . .

So Tiger is back on the throne he built! Thank everything that’s good in the world.

Yes sure Rory gave us some moments of magic and showed the promise of the golfer he may one day become and he even gave us some great new Nike ads that made us believe we could have two messiahs, but lets be honest, golf without Tiger is boring as hell.


Now all the buzz is about Nikes new ad after Tigers weekend return to the top. There seems to be a backlash of people online today complaining about what bad taste the ad was. I’m not sure if we are still silently punishing Tiger for being a philanderer or if we just don’t think he should be winning again but have a look.

tiger woods lindsay vaughn (2)

For me its simple, I love Tiger, or at least I did until he stopped winning. I don’t care how many hookers he had dancing around his hotel room, that’s not what I watch him for. His personal life has absolutely no bearing on the way I feel about him what so ever! I watch him because he is a magical sportsman that draws me in to see him sink that long put and fist pump down the green as he reels in another major. That’s why I love Tiger.

So as you can imagine I am so happy Nike have the balls to come out right behind him and rightly so! He didn’t cheat like Lance (on his sport that is) and he didn’t shoot his girlfriend like Oscar. He had a personal issue which took him all of three years to get through and thankfully he is back.

A talent like his comes along once in a generation if we are lucky and when it does its there for all to marvel at! I hope he eclipses Sneads tour record and Jacks major record and I hope we can all go back to judging sportsman on the stuff that matters – THEIR SPORT!

Ps Its nice to see Tiger has a new Elin – hopefully this one sticks around, I’m not sure I can take another three years of Tiger-less golf!

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