We are Manchester United – for the highs & the lows!

I wrote an article a while ago at a low point in Manchester United’s rather illustrious recent history. I wrote it because I believed that a team I have watched and supported for 20 years was not playing to the clubs expectations. They were not giving what I expect players of a club like this to give, every minute of every game.

I see some fans have lumped this current period into that same genre.

I actually appreciate this hardship United is going through, don’t get me wrong I don’t like to lose, far from it. But I believe we had become fat on winnings as United fans. We had forgotten what it feels like to build and sweat and strive for each inch. We had that luxury under Sir Alex. We had the luxury of knowing that there was a maestro pulling almost every string. Those days are gone, very much gone.


We cannot expect David Moyes to step into Sir Alex’s very well worn shoes and pick up where he left off, we cannot expect the trophy’s and the success to be as easy to come by as it has been for so long and we, most importantly, cannot expect to support our current management any less than the previous!

We would never dare, even in our darkest of times, question the leadership of Sir Alex and we have no right to do so with his hand-picked successor. David Moyes is embarking on what we hope is a career for the rest of his life with one of the biggest clubs in the world and to write him off after seven games seems like something City or Chelsea would do, it’s not what Manchester United does.

We are all in this together, we are all fighting to make this team become as great as it was under Sir Alex but it takes time and for us to be turning on each other is merely putting smiles on the faces of other premier league teams and their fans.


Being a part of this club in any capacity comes with a responsibility, one that requires us to pull together and back each other in any time but most importantly in the tough ones. Never will this club sink to the level of so many others in professional sport that expects quick wins, bought success and harsh punishment if they don’t get it! We will never expect this because we know that kind of hollow victory doesn’t build legacy, it doesn’t build legends and it doesn’t build a club that is revered and feared in equal capacity. It has never been the way we build at Manchester United!

We are Manchester United and we stand together, you will do well to remember that every time you have the privilege of watching this club play. You can debate team selection in pubs and on couches, you can bemoan poor decisions and on field antics but you dare not give your full support each and every time it’s called upon.


We are Manchester United and we will always be proud of who we are, what our club has become because the sweat and tears that built this club will never be dishonored by fans who do not have the courage to help pull the club out of the lows. If i believe for a moment we are not successful tdue to lowered standards and poor work ethic i will be the first person to call them out, as in the afore mentioned article, but this moment in United history is certainly not one of those times.

We are Manchester United, remember that always!