The state of the Manchester United nation . . .


I’m not a good loser, I fucking hate it, it’s that simple but I am a pretty good winner I think. I don’t really gloat, out loud, or violently abuse the losing side, during the game yes, but once victory is sure there is something to be said about quiet enjoyment of it.


This is why I find it so amazing that every person I know who has supported a team that has stood in Man United’s shadow for the last twenty odd years as I’ve supported them, is now smug with United’s currently transition struggles. I find it incredible that those Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and whatever relegation contenders are supporters there is some supreme delight in the currently embattled United side. I never realized just how down trodden you all were all this time.

I also find it incredible how disastrous this picture of sudden gloom has been depicted.

This is the adjustment period, it may take a season, maybe two maybe three but fans on both sides of the fence if they know anything about football will understand this. We are building the next generation of United greats, it doesn’t simply happen.


While I can understand how the other teams fans are enjoying seeing United nowhere near the top of the log I cannot believe how pathetically the United fans are taking this period. The lack of support and faith in club that has delivered pretty much everything we have asked for 20 years must now stand and deliver or face brutal abuse? This doesn’t seem like the club and the supporters I’m part of. We are not City, Chelsea or the like that want to immediately buy success, we fight for it, we build it through sweat, hard work and years and years of practicing and pushing ourselves.  If you think this simply can be switched on or off you firstly know nothing about sport and second about building a great legacy.

I hope that the powers that be at Old Trafford are constantly giving this message to David Moyes.

As my father used to tell me this is a marathon, not a sprint. We are building for a generation, in this view the last 10 games mean less than nothing. It reminds me of the 04/05 season when United finished out of the top 3 or 4 and everyone was calling for Sit Alex’s head. It’s amazing what ‘support means nowadays.

We should be ashamed when we hear boo’s echoing around Old Trafford, this is not what we do as part of this great club.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League-1679658

Can we be frustrated, angry and disappointed at results, absolutely no question. Can we debate and disagree over signings made and lost and a lack of cohesion, sure. We are supporters, that’s what we do, we argue over decisions and substitutions, we bemoan the referee and his decisions and we scream at the opposition but we never, ever at Manchester United outwardly project a negative image of our club and of our players. We are Manchester United and we stand by each other all of the way through the good and the bad and if we look at the last quarter of a century we are pretty damn lucky with what they have given us.