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Its just not Cricket . . .


If you want to read the background to my views on cricket to start with maybe go read one or two of the articles here!

The truth is, in short, I didn’t always hate cricket but through the shocking, arrogant and unsportsmanlike way our team and management has continued to conduct themselves over the last decade, I do now, so when I saw this I couldn’t sit back and not have a go!

Now for those of you who don’t know Cricket South Africa has won less important things over the last 15 years than the Kenyan yachting team! They are rewarded financially very well (which I spose no matter how crap you are, you are still a national team and so justifies the money) while their administration is run almost as well as Somalian food stores.

So when Gerald Majola was paid double his annual salary as a ‘bonus’ by the Indians I start to get a little ‘Hansie style’ nervous. The fact that he didn’t declare it at all makes me EVEN MORE skeptical and when questioned on it he quickly gave the money back! What person have you EVER seen give a bonus back that was honestly deserved??

In short once again Cricket South Africa has embarrassed themselves by underwhelming the South African public who, believe it or not, are actually their customers!

My only sympathy goes to Gary Kirsten and his new coaching team who have to enter this chaos and try to put a trophy in a cabinet that makes Arsenals trophy count seem like Barcelona’s! 










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