I love being a sports fan . . .


I don’t believe anything in life can replace the teachings of playing and watching sport. The romance of it, the hardships, the disappointments and the moments of elation. When you watch your favorite team, watch your country play a sport it takes on a new meaning for me. I love myself in it, in the soap opera and the journey of a game. I love every second of it.

I guess with age comes perspective and its less about winning everything and more about appreciating the winning along with the rest, because that’s life after all. Doesn’t mean I like losing, in fact I hate it but it does mean I can appreciate the lessons learned from losing more than when I was younger.

As I’m sure you know I’m a massive Manchester United fan. Today as much as ever, seventh on the log, out of the league cup and the FA Cup and in ‘crisis’. I will watch United and believe in them every time they step on to the field. I will respect their players and the leadership that guides them because building and creating a team comes with time, comes with sacrifice and comes with hardship, people forget that in the world of bought victories and instant gratification.

I just finished watching ‘The class of 92’. The movie about the team of Manchester United kids who won the youth cup and then the famous six who went on to be senior Treble Winners.


What a time for United, what a magic experience to watch the men grow up and what a privilege to be able to watch them for 10 odd years together. I forgot how special they were, how special those moments were. When I watch them again I go cold, I get Goosebumps and I start crying. It was sport at its best. It was the romance of it at its best.

Six kids who grew up as friends playing for and basically creating one of the greatest footballing legacies born out of the tragedy and heartbreak of the Busby Babes. Its Hollywood script worthy without question, spose Becks will play himself!


I remember those 10 days. The league then the FA Cup final then the Champions league Final in Barcelona.

I remember the moments of that campaign, the semifinal against Arsenal. Keane getting sent off, Phil Neville giving away the penalty that Schmeichel saved and Giggs coming on and carving up the Arsenal side to score, it was destiny. It was guided by a higher power.

I remember that Champions league semi when Scholes got booked and knew he would miss the final. He was my favorite player in the world. I was devastated. I remember that final, the colors of Munich, the red of United. The shield badge over their hearts. I dreamed of being on that field.

I remember watching at my parents’ house, the whole house was asleep and I was sitting on the very edge of a 10 meter l shaped couch, I couldn’t lie down, I could sit still. I remember those two goals going in and I remember that feeling of absolute elation. Imagine being on that field, that night, with six guys you had played with for the last ten years and celebrating together.


Sport is special in ways that are inexplicable, that team was driven by a force I cannot comprehend and it was a privilege to watch it, to be in some way a part of it. To relive it through this documentary was magic, to re-experience the personalities, the players, those moments and the feelings. It makes me appreciate being a fan of the club I have been for so long.

Watch the trailer and tell me you don’t feel the same!