A Hollywood tale for once in real life!

Lately humanity has left a bad taste in my mouth.


I mean there is a lot of evil stuff going on in the world but as a South African you sort of have enough of your own problems to worry about that you kind of focus on SA rather than worrying about the rest of the worlds ‘1st world problems’. But lately it seems South Africa has taken a particular turn for the disgusting.

I can imagine this was what it was like during the dark days of apartheid, police opening fire on miners and the minister of police laughing when she sees the footage. Cops dragging ‘potential threats’ behind their van just to ‘teach them a lesson’ let alone the daily billions that are being pissed away by the government for fun and fancy with no regret or guilt for the millions living in dirt and squalor.


I’m getting a little off topic. Like I said I’m rather disappointed by the way the world is at the moment. Thankfully I came across this the other day. The story in brief is nothing short of Disney written and Hollywood produced (it may very well get to that point). Hollywood has for so long painted us pictures of unlikely heroes, movies like RUDI which is one of my favorites or RADIO has Cuba Gooding Jr at his pinnacle of brilliance, giving us heartwarming tales of the underdog, either physically or mentally, and their unlikely heroism. I know they are roughly based on truth but really now, who believes Hollywood’s version of the truth.

The sad fact in the world today is more like this video, I posted a few weeks ago, on bullying in schools.


I had all but given up in the future of the world until watching this. It’s not Hollywood, it’s not embellished, it’s not showy and it’s not fancy. What it is, is a moment when kids somewhere have reversed what seems to be the trend lately of picking on the kid that’s a little different. This really just is great story about what you see so often in the movies but sadly real life just seems to be moving towards the opposite at a rapid pace.

Enjoy this, for your soul . . .


It seems, for now at least, every new days brings something more tragic, more horrific and more disgusting in South Africa. I fear the the silver lining is fast dissapearing but i suppose its the world not just SA which looks like its going this way. We can only hope that the good that comes out of places like the above can permeate the bad not just in SA but all over the world cause the world really does need a hero right now!