This car is not cool!! Well – unless you have the matching luggage! | Suck the Marrow out of Life

This car is not cool!! Well – unless you have the matching luggage!

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Porsche Design Commemorates Launch of new Panamera with Special Collection

Porsche Design has long since evolved from an automotive design studio into a company offering a wide range of highly desirable products, sold worldwide through their own dedicated stores, along with special design work for other companies as well. But all the while they haven’t forgotten their roots. As if to demonstrate just that, the studio has launched a new collection to compliment the new Panamera four-door grand touring car from their automotive sister-company. The collection includes all manner of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as a line of Swiss-made timepieces and a set of fitted luggage. The latter is made of lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate, designed to fit in the trunk space of the new Panamera and available in the same exterior colors to provide a fresh take on the traditional soft-sided fitted luggage offered by other luxury automakers.



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