Them Mines . . .

What a mess we find ourselves in a month or so after the biggest police massacre since the dark days.

We have miners still striking, threatening and killing people who get in there way. We have police scared to protect whichever side they are supposed to be protecting. We have a government who as usual is doing nothing to resolve the issue but rather taking wild stabs at solutions like charging the miners with murder (so far so good guys!), we have the unions who actually are not sure how to press forward for resolution and we have a resurgent JuJu Malema who has found his new soapbox to spew pollution from (and here I was thinking we had dodged this bullet!)

This situation is like trying to disarm a nuclear weapon with a sledgehammer, by ten people, all at once!

My view is actually quite simple. Miners, past, present and future are critical not only to companies but to countries, to our country and its economy, of that there is no doubt. They have been unsung heroes for decades and on their sweating, bleeding broken backs we built a nation. Never forget that. We treat them like dirt, we make them live in squalor and we pay them scraps. You can see why JuJu and his new political party, disregarded morons from the ANCYL, are licking their lips. They have the best reason to promote violence and chaos and to be fair I don’t blame them. Fortunately we know JuJus intentions and his selfish aspirations (as well as his love of bribery and corruption) so we know upfront that he is using this situation to gain a voice and assume power again.

I shudder to think how many more people would be supporting him if his poisoned nature hadn’t come out already! The simple answer is he must be stopped, silenced and withdrawn from this equation immediately. He will spew lies and filth until he has brought this country to its knees and he will do so not for the good of those he pretends to serve but to further his own agenda. His must be removed and it must be now!

The question I still have unanswered in my mind is why has the government been so pathetically scared to get involved? Why are they not mediating and brokering peace in this bloody battle, and why on top of it all are they not regulating the salaries and the living conditions of these underground thousands? The government has the power to make sure that these people have basic living conditions, a salary that they can live on as well as education and healthcare of basic enough standards to uplift their families and children so maybe the next generation will escape this sub ground prison!

The government once again has stammered around so much that we have a madman dictator inciting violence at every turn so the ‘boers’ will come to the table, we have miners killing and being killed and we have no real way forward, not to get mines back on line nor to get the miners the extra money they need.

The real problem or danger here is that people all around the country are watching how this plays out. Workers from factories to stores to plants will watch and see if they can join on this bandwagon of wanting more and if this happens the domino effect may be one that could cripple the nation for a period of time.

What a mess we find ourselves in and sadly a government with an absent leader means we are a long way from solving this problem, especially with someone like JuJu leading the call for and ongoing mining revolution (as I’ve always maintained id still like to see him spell that)