Praise for a national HERO!

I find it amazing how much time we spend circulating meaningless (albeit very enjoyable) Nando’s adverts, talking about the Presidents  palace upgrades, the weekends sporting happenings and or general internet nonsense YET when a true, real life hero who has dedicated his time and efforts to giving people a better life, comes along we seem to let it slip right by – MYSELF INCLUDED!

On Saturday night I went to the Shosholoza ball in Shanghai. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the Kliptown Youth Program would be performing (I had no idea who they were really, to be honest). This group of kids ran into the room with more energy than I have ever seen. Ranging from 9 years old to 26 and coming out of one of JHBs most impoverished areas, they lifted the room instantly.

They made me cry instantly. They made me cry for an hour!

They are a small part of the Kliptown Youth Program. They are the product of much hard work by many people and it would be a shame to discount the rest of those invovled  but what you can do is VOTE FOR ONE OF THEM.

Thulani Madondo has been nominated as one of 45 000 CNN heroes around the world. He has made it into the top 10 IN THE WORLD. The first South African ever to do so!

You would think this would be more important than the chicken Proteas blocking out to the Aussies or the Springboks eeking out a weekend win over a horrible English side – BUT NO. Sometimes I wonder why people like Thulani do the amazing work that they do when the world seems to be focussed only on what it can buy next or whats on TV later – AGAIN, embarrassingly, I include myself!

You CAN do something, if you click on THIS LINK it will take you to CNN HEROES page and you can vote. You can vote from each email address 10 times per day BUT the catch is the voting closes in two days!


I cannot tell you personally the amazing things these people achieve because it wouldn’t be my place but what I can tell you is that when we as South Africans have an opportunity to get behind someone like this, we should be shouting it from the rooftops! We should be forcing those around us to get involved and we should be cheering men like this as they deserve to be cheered, as national icons.

Just watch . . .

This is one of the lights in our world and he deserves our support. His work deserves our support and if all you have to do click a few extra times today to potentially win this man and his teams project a massive amount of money and coverage, tell me thats too hard a thing to do!

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, CLICK HERE and VOTE! You have 48 hours to actually do something good!