Blackberry just love to lose . . . AT EVERYTHING!

There is a simple reason that literally not one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people in China has a Blackberry, because they are really shit. Plain and simple.

Blackberry are another example of a company that took its prominent market position for granted, assuming its market and consumers would never change and so before it new where it was it was the least favorite device of younger users just like Nokia and Sony Eriksson.

Only in Africa do these above brands still hold some piece of market share unworthy of a snigger, I am far too tempted to say because Africa is a little slow.

Blackberry have committed every corporate sin of a sinking ship, I use the cliché on purpouse, that is possible! They did not innovate fast or well enough. Their service slipped as did their devise and OS quality and finally when they realized they needed a game changing device to bring them back, it was leaked, late and nothing to change the game.

I didn’t think however they would stoop to petty pathetic cry baby politics against companies that don’t even get sold in the same stores.

Cell C engagement ad

You see blackberry took massive offense to Liqui Fruits adverts about their new flavor. Blackberry claimed they were infringing on their brand, because if you have R1000 you are certainly going to choose between juice and a phone.

Blackberry have decided to take Liqui Fruit to the ASA because that seems to be  their biggest problem right now, not that people are getting rid of their Bberry handsets faster than Nike are losing endorsement deals. It would seem once again they have taken their eye so far off the ball you’d swear they were trying to sabotage themselves!

MTN engagement ad

Once again instead of understanding their market – appreciating its ever changing landscape and using its historical presence to engage on a new generations level it as decided to go cry to the advertising police. Personally I think this just shows how pathetically embarrassing Blackberry has become not only in SA but globally that it is wasting its time by whining about something fairly irrelevant to its existence!

Cell C

You would think SOMEONE in the marketing dept of BBerry would see this as an opportunity to partner with a very successful and youthful brand in South Africa like Liqui Fruit and create something young, sexy and ultimately convince a few more people to pledge allegiance to Bberry for a few more years rather than pushing them further out the door!

Vodacom engagement ad

Alas they still believe they are superior when in fact they are not even relevant! Everyone look quickly now, keep your Bberry phones and enjoy the last few years of a dying global giant that was something special once.