bi•zarre / bi?zär/ (Adj) Very strange or unusual.

I’ve been using the word BIZARRE a lot lately, I suppose when you live in a place like Shanghai you get to use it a lot (there is some seriously amusing shit that happens here). But, In light of recent events I fear I’m not justified in using it here – in fact the stuff that happens here (no matter how strange) has nothing on whats happening at home!

You see I’ve been watching the US elections closely, I love the soap opera of it all, I think it’s the best reality show on TV. Anyway the point is, I love the way that every comment, every step, every dollar and every single decision each candidate has ever made or not made is put under a microscope and abused by the media, the public and the opposition.

It’s a brilliant system to test each potential American president (sure it’s not perfect – GW Bush got in twice) but at least it gives the people a fair indication of what they are voting for! It forces any mistake each candidate has made into the spotlight and generally the cheating lying bastards get whittled down (again I confess it’s not perfect)

So when I read an article that says our President JZ is planning to spend R200m upgrade to his compoung (not house – COMPUND!), the word bizarre immediately enters my head. Not only that but another R300 – R600m is going to spent on roads around his home. Even more bizarre. In fact so fucking bizarre that I’m almost inclined to join JuJu to insight some violence among the striking miners!!

The most bizarre of all is the way the Pres defended this by saying the area should not be punished because it is his homestead?!

Here is what the compound looked like when JZ was merely the premier of KZN in 2009 (and the fucking biggest joke is that it was a ‘gift’ from an Indian business man at the time – how the fuck did we not see this all coming!)

Here’s what it looks like today (see any small improvements?) based on ‘gifts’, ‘donations’ and some ‘government spending’. How this dude has managed to escape fraud charges makes me think that JuJu is not only going to dodge his tax problems but probably end up with the tax man owing him!!

(Do yourself a little favour and compare the hill vs village ratio in the first pic and then the second! For the full size pics GO HERE)

Just for a moment imagine you are one of the people (and by one of the people I mean the 80%+ who live in poverty) surrounding King Zuma’s compound. Imagine everyday seeing your brothers, sisters and children starving, homeless and hopeless. All the while JZ keeps building bigger and fancier pieces of his presidential compound. I cannot believe they haven’t torched the place yet!

When I talk about bizarre there could not be a better example of the word than a president, using tax money to build himself, not a small house extension but a clinic, heli pad, boarding houses and palaces for fuck knows how many concubines, and yet the public does nothing! The public strikes about low wages and miners treated unfairly and yet we all allow the finger to be pointed somewhere else (mostly at apartheid still) every time. I would really like to do a calculation on how much we could increase the miners wages if we took the R800m that JZ is planning to spend in his backyard and give it to them?

What’s bizarre is not that our President is raping us blind while chuckling at us (PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND GO WATCH THE ZA NEWS VIDEOS ON THIS! THEY ARE BRILLIANTLY HYSTERICAL!) but that we just seem to sit back and take what’s given to us.

It seems once again Zapiro has managed to capture one of South Africa’s biggest problems in one simple cartoon!