And the Oscar goes tooooooo . . . JAIL!

I haven’t written in two weeks, mainly because I’ve have been home and have pretty much gone from breakfasts to lunches to dinners for two weeks solid – in and out of drunk and sober with as little sleep as possible trying to fit in as much time with the people I love!

I suppose I also wanted to give a bit of time for this Oscar Story to resonate with me before I added my views on the matter.

Let’s be clear on a few things. One, no one other than Oscar Pistorius knows what happened that night. Two, there will be questions that will be answered, there will be lies told and there will be a decision (albeit, based on the bail hearing, it will take a seriously long time) and finally three, Oscar Pistorius walked down the passage and opened fire four times on a closed door with a human being inside. BANG,BANG, BANG, BANG. Whether it was his girlfriend or not is besides the point, he knew there was a person in there and he shot them, dead!

oscar pistorius 3

I’m not sure what the truth is, I mean there are a bunch of things I really don’t understand from someone being so paranoid they have a gun under their bed but sleeps with the sliding doors open. Why there was a fan standing outside on his balcony. Why he went outside and then came back in hearing someone in the bathroom and didn’t care to glance across to see if his ‘love’ was there to why she seemed to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but locked the door.

For me there are too many questions that have constructed answers for this to be a case of a mistaken burglary.

oscar pistorius cryng

What irritates me though is the way everyone on the Pistorius team is blabbing on about how much he loved her and how sad he is that he could have made a mistake like this. I can categorically say that if you hear a noise in your house and get up to investigate, the first focus you have before the intruder is making sure your loved one or ones are safe, so either he was merely having hot model sex or he murdered that poor girl – simple as that for me.

oscar pistorius

The second thing that is killing me is that the defense is going to use the argument that he is so paranoid and terrified (in his guarded compound estate), painting the picture of him wide eyed every night shivering in fear, shooting anything that moved around him because of the debilitating home invasions. Now don’t get me wong, since moving I’m one of the first to point out that South Africa is not a safe place but do we really want to be offering this up to global media on a daily basis just because this guy needs an excuse to get out of murder?

oscar pistorius arrested

There are no winners in this case, not the victim’s family, not Pistorius, not the sponsors of his, not his or her family, not the country and not the legal system (whichever way this goes). It is just going to be a long drawn out smearing of shit over everything in its path, however the voyeur in me is a little upset I will miss the tabloid frenzy that this is going to create – at least there is always Twitter!