Are you a Facebook douche?

So we often paste the funny side of FB – but there is a sad side. You know what i mean – those guys who continually find the hottest chick in the club – take a photo and mobile upload it because they think their friends will buy it – DUDES WE DONT!

There are a whole host of these sad individuals and i think its important they know! So take the simple test below, the results are just for you but its important you find out just how much of an FB douche you are – and if you are PLEASE PLEASE STOP! Stop now before you piss any more people off! (if you are its already too late!)

  • You regularly post photos of yourself standing near hot chicks we all know you’ve never boned.
  • You’ve posted any photos of yourself in which you’re wearing a sideway visor and/or popped collar.
  • You’ve posted even a single photo of yourself looking in the mirror with your shirt off.
  • You automatically cross-post all the dumb shit you send out on Twitter. Hey, douchebag, retweet this:
  • You post anything related to Mafia Wars or Farmville. Yes, anything. And yes, this includes you.
  • You use Facebook to keep the world apprised of your every thought and action. If we know what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today — and we weren’t engaged in intercourse with you in between all of those meals — we have a problem.
  • You can’t spell and/or you use way 2mne abbreviations in ur msgs!
  • You send out regular links to Facebook quizzes. Here’s a quiz for you: Who’s a Certified Facebook Douche? If you pointed at yourself, congrats.
  • You send out more than one Facebook invitation per month.
  • You use Facebook as a soapbox for all the annoying shit no one wants to hear you say in person. This just in: We ignore your boring political rants online as much as we do in real life.
  • You have more than four photos posted of yourself holding a beer.
  • You take it upon yourself to give us play-by-play of your favorite sporting events via your status updates. If we want to know what’s happening in the fucking game, we’ll watch the fucking game.
  • More than 10 percent of your Facebook updates look like quotes from Office Space — and they aren’t being sent as jokes. Keep your case of the goddamn Mondays to yourself, Lumbergh.

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