Why Venezuela right now, is a fight for all of us . . .

It’s funny, as a generation who saw the birth of social media, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks & Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and so on we truly believe we are free from oppression of freedom of speech. We believe civil rights are generally kept in check by the fact that one photo on twitter can cause the Egyptian president to be ousted, Gaddafi to be beaten to death in the streets or show us what a nuclear reactor leaking looks like and what devastation the earthquake in Haiti caused. We know everything, we see it all in an instant! We know whatever events happen either big or small in each and every deep dark corner of the world, that’s the power that social media has given us.

What a dream world we live in. The truth is we all serve at the feet of the respective governments that rule us. If and when a time arises for those governments to feel threatened believe me they will shut your freedom of speech down so fast you won’t believe it. I’m no anarchist, I’ve got no complaints about the government that rules the country I live in (my home country is a different story however), in fact I’m pretty sure I could make a powerful argument for why socialism / communism is the best way to rule a country for all its people but I do want you to acknowledge the sick truth is we are not free, not one of us.

Think I’m joking? Try and tell me what’s going on in Venezuela right now?

venezuela protests students government

Millions of students across the country have taken to the streets to protest a corrupt dictatorship and through government ordered death squads they are being beaten and killed in neighborhoods and streets all around the country. The videos seem like something out of Apartheid South Africa, funny, another place and time state controlled media allowed atrocities to take place almost daily.

You think you and your country are so different, cling to your false sense of security.

Right now in Venezuela the people who are supposed to keep order and protect its citizens are the ones that killing innocent young students for peacefully protesting against corruption and theft by the government. What a fucked up reversal of roles. Where is social media? Where are the tweets, the Facebook messages to the rest of the world to swoop in and help? Where are the camera crews that are watching every corner of the earth for a story? Where is the rest of the world to step in and intervene when human rights atrocities are being committed against the innocent? It’s almost amusing the fairytale we all live in sometimes.

venezuela protests

The truth is the state owns the media, they kicked out all foreign journalists and they have banned Twitter and Facebook. There’s your freedom of speech and while the country is in an independent news blackout, they are oppressing and killing their own people to continue their governmental rape of the country, fuck at least the students have the balls to fight and die for a future they believe their children deserve. In South Africa we have all the news and social media we could ever want and our president stole $20m to build himself a new private home.

These kids fighting on the streets across Venezuela are heroes risking their lives for honesty, truth and above all just behavior from their ‘elected’ leaders and we sit around the world with our collective power of voice doing nothing to stop it. There’s your freedom of speech!

venezuela protests

You want to make a difference, you want to believe that we no longer live in a world where governments can be run as corrupt and immoral as they want with no consequence? Then do something! Share a story, post a statement, and share the pain of those kids who are not being heard. Don’t allow this madness to continue just because it’s not happening to you or your family. Feel the desperation of knowing that no one is coming to help but yet have no alternative to keep fighting.

Help free Venezuela, because regardless of how much or little you think you can do, we, collectively do have the power, we collectively can, every now and again when the situation demands it, stand together and use our voices to say enough! Enough disgraceful behavior, WE will not take it. It’s time to help the youth of Venezuela push back.

Just have a look at the video below and go see the incredible images as always from Boston Big Picture.