Testament to a work ethic

Seems like not so long ago that Japan was hit by the tsunami that devastated the country, killed a whole lot of people, and made even more homeless. That’s because it wasn’t – just over three months ago. This was the same event that put nuclear power back in the spotlight and while it may have taken longer than everyone would’ve liked to contain the radio-active leak, the rest of the clean up efforts are nothing short of extraordinary.

Here’s one such example, although you really should check out the others in the full glory that is Boston Big Picture photography.

One thought on “Testament to a work ethic”

  1. Even more amazing considering the fact that Hurricane Katrina hit over 5 years ago and there is still a large portion of the area that is a mess and breeding disease among other things! I heard the biggest retailer in Japan talk at the global summit and he said with in 24hrs every disaster area had been cordoned off, police and rescue workers were 100% deployed to all region – overall it was just amazingly efficient!

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