London’s burning . . . and I don’t mean the riots!

The London riots have sparked some seriously interesting reaction in my local circles (I include Facebook, Twitter, oh and the old school physical circles of friends)

Normally when violence and rage overtakes a city there is an outcry and a public damning on all fronts by people, if the cause is not just. If it’s to remove a dictator that’s one thing but for shooting a suspected gangster that’s more like a Wednesday in Africa! In this case though it was bizarre to see South Africans with their mouths slightly crinkled up a the sides, taking some pleasure in the slight downfall of our previous occupiers. I must confess I took only the slightest of pleasure, but pleasure never the less, seeing someone else’s city in turmoil especially after being looked down upon for so many years!

Do we get that its wrong? Absolutely! Do we wish it on anyone? Certainly not, but when you have been the ass end of the ‘unstable African country’ joke for as long as you have been alive, you start to think it’s a bit of an attitude adjustment for one or two smug Englishmen!

The riots are one thing but something entirely different to the underlying bigger issue here. In the 80s when people rioted it was for a cause, for freedom of oppression and persecution. Today it’s from boredom, anger, dissatisfaction and disillusionment – none of which are really reasons to tear a city apart but sadly are massive aggravating factors!

London’s burning people and I’m not referring to the streets, I’m referring to a 12 year old girl saying ‘I’m getting my taxes back by looting’ live on news channels piped around the world. The youth is angry! They don’t see a future and all they need is a militant leader to bring them together, organize them and we may see something we never thought possible in the epicenter of decorum.

London’s burning and I hope dear David sees this as it is – a warning shot rather than an isolated incident. If he doesn’t we may be in for the creation of more and more of the below members of society which will mean chaos and carnage like it’s sodom and gamorrah all over again!

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