Leaders are born . . .

I love speaking in public, the bigger the audience, the more emotional the message the better. I love to speak whenever I can, probably because as the youngest child I never got a chance to talk growing up, but more likely because I’m a slight narcissist. Whatever the reason, it means that I enjoy watching great orators speak. I enjoy listening to how they command an audience and capture them merely with their expression and emotion! In fact Id go as far as to say the delivery is far more important than the message itself in most cases.

This speech is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen and surprisingly for me it has absolutely nothing to do with the delivery. In fact the story that this man tells is one of the most captivating and intriguing ones I’ve heard!

If you listen to the life he lived (or survived rather) you can understand why I believe leaders are born and not created. I’m talking about true leaders, those who can lead people. There are millions that are smart enough to lead business etc but very few who can really connect with people, and enough people to be able to lead them and change their lives in some way. I find it hard not to believe that this man was not destined for greatness (and I’m not a massive believer in destiny as it is)

When you watch this video you will come to appreciate just how often things didn’t go his way and how many times he had to start over both in life and business.  You will also realise just how much he has impacted on our lives (if you didn’t know already).

I’ll give you an example that he gives but he doesn’t quite go into the ramifications.

When he failed varsity he decided to drop the courses he didn’t like and start doing some he did of which one was calligraphy. Now when he developed the first Mac computer he used this to create something called ‘Fonts’. Now if he hadn’t gone into that class we probably wouldn’t have the 1000s of different fonts we have today. It’s a tiny example which seems insignificant but just think for a moment when you click the drop down of which font to choose (and the millions of corporate who have their own fonts) those are there because of him!

If you haven’t seen this speech I suggest you watch it, it is truly one of the best stories given on one of the most interesting lives I have ever heard!


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