If you havent yet – book a ticket – get on a plane AND GO!!

Some things just need to be done – and Amsterdam is one of those – this city is just magical at most hours of night or day – probably due to an artificial high but never the less where else can you have a great coffee and a hand rolled hashie at 9 am.

There are some serious daytime highlights though of which the Heineken experience is most certainly one! The old one was truly fun and the new one is even better – so get a bicycle and start peddling through the streets people!


Located in the former Heineken brewery in the heart of Amsterdam, the world’s most-recognized beer brand reopened the Heineken Experience after a year of extensive renovations. Both a museum and a pilgrimage for all beer lovers, the remodeled version is an interactive journey that lives up to the brand’s name in an entertaining and contemporary way. You get to check out the whole brewing process, enjoy a beer with your pals in the green lit kiosk and have the opportunity to create and take home a personalized bottle of Heineken.


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