From the rise of a potential dictator to the fall of another . . .

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Libya is both a tremendously happy and a desperately sad discussion for me. It’s happy for obvious reasons and I don’t think I’ll go into those but the sadness is perhaps not a topic that is paid much attention.

I was watching the news channels, as we all were, over the last few weeks,and hoping that the rebels would take the capitol and allow the very long and very bumpy road of democracy to begin. While I was watching the overriding question was “where is Gadhafi hiding?” and I started to wonder why the hell these government fighters were still at their posts after they had been abandoned, not surprisingly by their leader? I mean the war is clearly over dudes, you lost, and it’s time to jump ship.

This is where the sadness started for me.

Sure there are those big burly narcissists, (you know them as white South African Police reservists mostly) who joined Gadhafi’s crew to be able to beat up innocents, run the streets and pretty much show off their small penis syndrome as often as possible. But as far as I’m concerned that’s the minority. The rest were merely civil servants who really were not given a choice. Their families were probably threatened or worse killed and if not they were pretty damn sure they would be. To put it into ‘normal’ perspective, they lived in a place where human life only meant something if one man thought so and sadly they were forced to oppress their own people!

I have to believe we live in a world where people in their hearts know the difference between good and evil and even though the latter may be drummed into them through every kind of unspeakable act, they would still, if free, choose the former. So as Gadhafi was no doubt being snuck off in a jet to a place where his type of leadership would be celebrated (Think Venezuela or Zim or probably North Korea or Limpopo) these poor men and woman who had been indoctrinated had to stand on the streets and fight against their own people. They had to kill those fighting for freedom.

I’m desperately happy that Libya has been liberated but I fear that no one will spare a thought for those who did not want to fight over these dark decades, those who put their lives on the line fighting to keep Gadhafi in power only because their alternative was certain death at his hands.

In all your most justified celebrations Libya, I implore you to think of these people because they probably suffered the most in life and in death will go down in history as the worst of the worst villains, yet in reality they had little choice than the one they were forced to take.

The saddest thing perhaps is the jackals who are waiting at the gates (in this specific case Donald ‘the hair’ Trump and his army of Yanks) to pick at the bones of a country left on the verge of death in every possible – but hey if Trump can make a quick buck why not?  #FAIL

For the amazing and trying pics of Libya go HERE and HERE

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