Twangoo comes to Joburg!

Twangoo, South Africa’s premier group buying club, uses the power of collective purchasing to access exclusive deals on exciting things to do in your city. The Twangoo team has been approaching the aspirational brands across each city and asking them to offer Twangoo members an exclusive deal of such incredible value that they would be silly to turn it down. However there is a kicker to all this: The deal only happens if a predetermined number of people sign up
for it. Members are told via email, Facebook, Four Square or Twitter of any new deal. If they see something they like, they reserve it and when enough people have signed up ‘the deal is on!’ A voucher is emailed and then redeemed at the participating business.

It was unfortunately only available to the lucky guys down in Cape Town, but this is changing. Just today they launched in Joburg with a deal at the Butcher Block in Rosebank. If you’re interested go to their site for more.

Great idea dudes – we wish all the best in your venture.

One thought on “Twangoo comes to Joburg!”

  1. Very cool site, it’s a pity there is only one option for Johannesburg, but I bought it anyway. A voucher for delicious steak. Actually I bought 2; I hit the button twice by misteak (sorry had to go there). So i’ll have to invite some friends to come with. Good work Butchers Block in Rosebank! We’ll see you soon.

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