Of movement and ecogasms

Two very different businesses with an underlying eco focus caught my eye this morning. The one deals with the creation of power through human energy, the other with using power to create a kind of human energy.

While we’ve seen dance floors and gym equipment being cleverly used to create electricity, the guys at Pavegen Systems have created paving slabs that create power from the footsteps of pedestrians. With each footstep the slab is depressed by 5mm, creating and storing little bits of energy that can then be used to power any number of pavement utilities.

On a different note, adult toy retailer LoveHoney are encouraging people to dispose of their vibrators in a responsible manner. As such you can send your used Rabbit back to them and get a generous discount on a new replacement. The old one is recycled (and by that I hope they don’t mean refurbished) and a donation is made to the World Land Trust. Seems like a score for everyone.

Springwise has more details on both.

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