Need a change of job?

We received some info for a new recruitment portal that makes the task of finding/changing job an anonymous one. Quite handy if you don’t want your current boss (who’s probably a real ass) from finding out you’re looking elsewhere.

Sebenzi is a revolutionary web-based recruitment portal that allows candidates to put themselves on the job market in complete anonymity. This is great news for those that are currently employed but are not entirely satisfied with their current job and would like the opportunity to move on to something that suits them better. Candidates can be head-hunted by other employers with no risk of their current employer finding out.

Sebenzi cuts out the middle man (i.e. recruitment agencies) by allowing employers to search the database of candidate CVs directly and at no cost. Once a suitable candidate is found, the employer sends a request through to the candidate for their contact details. It is then up to the discretion of the candidate if they would like to reveal their identity.

The implications are huge for employers – the usual exorbitant costs associated with recruitment agencies fall away and yet they still have access to quality candidates. The total cost to the employer is just R399 – an amount which is paid only once the contact details of a candidate is requested.

Unbelievably, the benefits of Sebenzi do not stop there. Candidates are also paid when they decide to reveal their details. Any candidate that accepts a request from an employer receives R100 from Sebenzi regardless of whether their interview is a success or not.

Sebenzi, Zulu for ‘work”, is the brainchild of three young University of Cape Town Business Science alumni. The idea was born out of their own personal frustration of dealing with recruitment agencies to source skilled employees. The three young entrepreneurs are passionate and positive about South Africa and its future, and they are convinced that it is ready for this next step in recruitment.

It’s time to get exposed on

All the best with the venture guys.

2 thoughts on “Need a change of job?”

  1. Sounds good! Like the idea of having my details hidden but remaining in the job market. Who knows if I’m earning what I should be earning?

  2. This is fantastic. I am in a job that I am really not happy in at the moment and do not feel that I will have the opportunity to grow in this company. It would really be great to see if there are any other companies out there that would be a better fit. It also sounds like the bigger companies are all going to move to Sebenzi anyway if all they have to pay is just a few hundred rand. The last guy my boss hired set him back 60K – that all went to recruitment agents – no wonder our boss hates us! Well done Sebenzi!

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