Did FACEBOOKs ZUCKERBERG call us dumb fks?

Well the short answer is yes!

In a ‘youthful’ interview (and believe me there has been no more of a relative term than) he told the New Yorker that ‘people trust me with their personal information – dumb fucks’. Im sure at the time it had to do with his arrogance and bravado but lets be fair he deserved to be arrogant – he was about to change the world at 23!!

He has apologised and tried to contextualise his ccomments but at the end of the day he cant take them back and it probably wont stop you posting your holiday pics or changing your status update BUT the question remains WAS HE WRONG! i mean really people – the world (500million of us now) give him whatever he wants on a daily basis – we tell him our likes and dislike – what we buy and dont and the list BELIEVE ME goes on exponentially! So are we dumb fucks to give a random stranger all kinds of insight into our lives?

I guess the only respite we have is he gets more email and updates than god probably and im sure doesnt have time to care that – well about people like this . . .

So i guess fortunately there are so many REALLY DUMB FUCKS out there that hopefully us semi normal folk have our personal lives lost in all the crap – something tells me not and so the verdict i think – WE ARE DUMB FUCKS and he was spot on (as much as i hate to say it!)


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