A strange marriage that sells, simply

We’ve seen a number of sites in the recent past geared to new ways of selling goods and services. From group buys, to limited time sales, to pay to bid “auctions” the idea has always been to give you the opportunity to buy something at a reduced price (well perhaps not in the last case as it’s more like gambling than an auction). Some have worked, others haven’t and now we have a new entrant to put to the test. It’s called Daddy’s Deals and the reason I call it a strange marriage is that one of the parties involved is kulula.com. Not sure I see the connection to the airline but anyway, this is what they tell us…

kulula.com has teamed up with the innovative entrepreneurs who created Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel and Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park in Elgin, to launch Daddy’s Deals. A fresh take on the deal buying model that has taken online shopping by storm, Daddy’s Deals (with love from kulula.com) is a proudly South African initiative offering consumers exclusive deals and unique experiences at a fraction of the price.

Daring to be different, Daddy’s Deals is determined to improve on the standard US-based group buying model that many local companies have emulated, to provide customers and merchants with a rewarding win-win experience.

“We have heard from many sceptical consumers who are tired of being bombarded by daily mails and SMS’s with deals that only actually become available after exceeding a preset tipping point. We have also seen many of these deals being provided by merchants who are overwhelmed by the response and often struggle to service the large number of customers purchasing the deal,” says Jody Aufrichtig, Daddy’s Deals founder and CEO.

Daddy’s Deals subscribers will receive twice-weekly newsletters with only the best deals from quality merchants that have been carefully researched and selected.

“If you choose to buy a deal on Daddy’s Deals, it’s yours. No strings attached, no getting all your friends to buy too – it’s as simple as that.” concludes Aufrichtig.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be notified of up-to-the-minute deals in your city. Each email newsletter includes three handpicked deals, from holidays, meals at top-notch restaurants and pampering treatments, to something completely different. Daddy’s Deals consumers can expect unusual, quality experiences.

One thought on “A strange marriage that sells, simply”

  1. So basically it’s not group buying at all, even though it pretends to be. Smells like some nonsense to me, and completely unsustainable as a business model. What do they promise their suppliers? That lots of people will buy simply because it’s a discount? Does nobody understand that coupons have been around since, like, forever – and without a minimum number of buyers it’s just a rehashed coupon model that WILL DEFINITELY end up failing? C’est la vie, but I wouldn’t put any faith in this – they ended up selling the Old Mac Daddy when it flopped, so clearly we’re not dealing with the South African entrepreneurial elite.

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