STM is hanging out next week . . .

So STM has decided that it’s been a while since the last break and while these inner city breaks and tasting menus are fine to stall the inevitable, this city does get a bit much! With all the time being dedicated to the move to Shanghai there has been little time to get away (well for more than a weekend that is) so a family wedding is the ideal excuse to sneak out for a week or so!

So if we are a little quiet xia xingqi (that means next week – soon we will be writing only in Manadarin Pinyin) you will know why!

First, a few days in Mayfair (which if you are going to London – I don’t care what anyone says – IS the best area to stay in London if you disagree just punch yourself in the face #thatsall) at the sensationail ATHENAEUM HOTEL with its famous ‘living wall’ by Ptrick Blanc . . .

Measuring 8 stories tall this vertical garden contains over 260 plant species and more than 12,000 individual plants. Patrick Blanc, a research scientist and artist designed the wall and plans to spread the notion that we don’t have to give up nature just because we live in cities.

Maybe a few trips to the SPA to unwind . . .

But without doubt one thing im looking forward to is the Afternoon tea, I just love the civility of it all!!

So onto more pressing business, land in Heathrow T5 quick hotel car to to the Athenaeum and into the shower, for the main reason of this trip is a little family wedding (and by little my family means a week of getting drunk and pushing our bodies to the limit!) and as with all great weddings come a great night out for the bachelor (this bachelor is far less sleaze and far more class) so here is the evening of London night ONE!

Dinner at the EPICALLY good Hakkasan in Mayfair (and I thought just to show you what I mean I’d insert a little menu sample!)

Click on it to see bigger (trust me you want to read this!)

Then onto BOUJIS which is famous for drunk royals and celebs stumbling out at all ungodly hours of the morning, something I hope to emulate this trip!

Here is a small taste of what these guys do . . .


Then, if I know my self as I do there will be the desperate need to prepare both my body and mind for the upcoming familial nuptuals. So in order to focus there must be a break from the city and a few days in the ‘old country’ of Oxford at the classic OLD PARSONAGE HOTEL . . .

I cannot express to you how excited I will be at this point to read a thousand English newspapers, sitting outside, and gently consuming glass after glass of Chardonnay (or sitting inside next to that stoked fire and doing the same with a few bottles of Merlot)

But most importantly one cannot just walk into a wedding on an unprepared liver , so three bookings at restaurants like LE MANOIR AUX QUAT ‘SAISONS have been secured just so my liver can absorb some decadence before its bombarded with all the brilliance this wedding will bring and all the damage that, while I know may not be good for me, I’m going to do it anyway! 

Then back into town for what should be an absolutely monstrous party and sadly a flight back to Shanghai the next day! Wish me luck – I assure you I will need it to survive. If you don’t hear from us for a few days at least now you know where we will be!

But enough about me, now that you are feeling a little vexed, know that i wish you only THIS for your week ahead!