STM going off the grid to recharge!

It’s been a rather long start to the year here in Shanghai. In fact let me give you a better description of what I have been doing.

Imagine running an army.

Imagine everything from deploying the tracks, tracking their progress, ensuring they have the right weapons, uniforms and helmets. Making sure they have lunch every day, correct menus and water for their trips. Imagine having to order every piece of equipment, every tank, every gun and every bullet. Imagine have to check and monitor who has survived, who needs to be replaced and who is not up to their job and then what happens to them. Imagine having to continuously find new troops and train them while simultaneously have to stay on the front foot in the battle.

Now imagine doing all of that in CHINESE!

My job is pretty similar without the bloodshed I guess (even sometimes that’s the same) so when I tell you it’s been a long few months (sure I’ve had a few escapes recently) but really its time to go off the grid, drink a F*&% LOAD of champagne and stare at the most beautiful things imaginable!

The Chinese government is nice enough to take two holidays and move them together so pretty much the whole country gets the Mid Autumn Festival off for a week!

So if you see no new content for a bit, this is where I’ll be if you wanna come ask for it Ill be in the pool villa at the epically sexy Alila Villas in Uluwatu Bali. . .

For some sun . . .

Afternoon cocktails . . .

And finally where i will rest my head at night :)

After a few days of recharging in the mountains its down to the beach to my ABSOLUTE BEST HOTEL CHAIN THE WORLD. THE W!!

The spa if the weather turns south . . .

The desk to get drunk and read (the 17 000 books I have stored up to get through)

And again not a bad place to rest my over indulged liver at night . . .

If you are starting to hate me just a little, remember, firstly I really don’t care because believe me I have earned this excursion and secondly, Ill be in BALI BABY!

See you soon!