Oh my! The glory that is OKTOBERFEST!

As you probably are very well aware we do hold drinking in quite high esteem her at STM and so i guess the pilgrimage to beer is OKTOBERFEST! STM has just decided that after seeing the pics of this years fiesta on BOSTON BIG PICTURE next year is our time to go! Real life is far too serious most of the time and if you can fly half way around the world to be surrounded by beer heaven – then why the fk not!

Anyone wants to be in we will be taking a touring party for five days and anyone alive will return with us – dont worry you have 360 odd days to prepare yourselves!


And for our die hard fans who thought somehow we had lost our other focus – heres one for you – GET READY FOR OKTOBERFEST 2011 – YOU GONNA NEED ALL THE PREP TIME YOU CAN GET!

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