How were your last few days?


One hour to the airport, two at the airport, 3 to Hong Kong, 3 in Hong Kong, 13hrs to Johannesburg

Slept 45 min, hit turbulence couldn’t sleep again, 2 hours in Joburg, 2 hours to CT, interview on landing with no sleep and hangover from Champagne on plane

Presentations until 6pm (body clock midnight), go for a run (slightly pull calf muscle), dinner till 10pm at The Bungalow, drinks until 3am (body clock on 9am) at Mitchells pub, drunken slumber until 5am, 2 hours sleep, strong hangover

Interview after breakfast at 7am, me to present at 9am, presentations all day, drinks until 7pm at the Radisson (body clock somewhere around midnight), drive to Stellies, dinner with the some of the family, 4 bottles of wine / 4 ppl, sleep at midnight, wake up 5am (body clock no idea at this point), third very strong hangover in 3 mornings


One hour to airport, 2 hours to Joburg, spend day with friends at Wolfpack, drink from after lunch until 1am at Melrose arch, sleep until 5am (body clock probably around 8am – syncing with local time)

One hour to airport, two hours to Cape Town one hour to Stellenbosch, all day party in the wine lands at the Duck Pond, dinner at The Bungalow until brain and body shutdown at midnight (body clock adjusted to local time), 6 hours sleep.



Presentations all day, dinner at Grand Beach, drinks at the Mount Nelson until 1am, 4 hours sleep.

One hour to the airport, one hour at the airport, two hours to Johannesburg, four hours at the airport, 13 hours to Hong Kong, two hours in Hong Kong, two hours to Shanghai, One hour home from airport.

Shower, work and fall asleep on couch pinching nerve in neck. Now to look left or right I have to turn my full body but even if there is a threat I can’t run away due to pulled leg muscle and exhaustion.

So fine thank you, how were your last few days?