Hold fast to small victories . . .

As you are aware I have moved to Shanghai recently (if you are not click the link) and while getting used to a new city that operates in a language that sounds mostly like klingon is a little difficult, I have started to navigate the city and so I decided to put on my big boy pants and walk home.

Now if you are South African this concept will be rather foreign to you but never the less, I put my iPhone in, put on NERD- Hot n Fun (if you don’t know this song – YOU REALLY SHOULD) walked the total of 25 minutes to my front door on a warm spring evening. If you live in a city (I mean a real city) you will probably think I am quite pathetic and cant work out what all the fuss is about but the truth is I have never, ever walked home.

The small sense of pride I got when I arrived home has seldom been better and I started to wonder why we seem to let these small moments of joy pass us by.

You see for me I have always tried to behave far senior to my years and perhaps this has always stopped me from enjoying small moments that could be perceive as trivial – things like getting my first assistant, my first office, my first apartment etc

I’ve been so hell bent on acting above my age that sometimes I tend to forget the smallest joys in life which are so often the most important ones. Moving to a new country all these tiny victories seem to become magnanimous and rightly so. From now on I’m going to try and enjoy these a lot more – like setting up two outside chairs from IKEA (even though there are step by step instructions and a 4 year old could do it)

The moral of the story is quite simple – enjoy the little things. They are the things above all else that are most important! No victory is to small and no victory is not worth celebrating whether it be with a jeroboam of champagne or a small silent victory dance in the middle of the street. Life is there to be enjoyed and if you cannot do that even for the smallest of moment then you have a serious problem!

In the words of Johnny Drama ‘VICTORY!’


6 thoughts on “Hold fast to small victories . . .”

  1. With 1st hand experience in the walking home thing having lived abroad for many years, I can appreciate this article and in fact if anything was one of the hardest things in adapting back into life on my return to SA. After two weeks you will also notice your butt muscles are more developed and/or ache due to no previous muscle memory

  2. This is what I have been talking about all along. These are the things you are going to remember when you get older.

  3. I just spent some time in Seattle – totally familiarise with the accomplishment of walking home and to work… Only thought how awesome that actually was now that I read this post actually!

    Anyway…I have been seriously out of touch with STM for a while… but I needed a bit of food for thought today and you guys are always good with that. There seems to be a lot of changes ; like SHANGHAI … that’s so cool!!!

    @Mike – I know its delayed but all the best to you and yours ; may you have all the success you deserve over there!

    I have no memory of how I came across STM but I’m really glad I did! ?

  4. Thanks for the wishes, thanks for the feedback and mostly thanks for reading!

    We hope to keep on, at very worst, making people think a little :)

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