Where you should be tonight

If you aren’t going to Symphonics Rocks tonight, don’t despair, there’s another place you really should be. It may be on the other side of the shooter curtain but I’d make an exception for this one.

Hogs Head is opening tonight in the Douglasdale Shopping Centre and is set to be one of the coolest pubs in Joburg. “Why?” you may ask – the answers quite simple:


Mitchell’s Foresters Draught
Mitchell’s 90 Shilling Ale
Mitchell’s Raven Stout
Mitchell’s Cider
Nottingham’s Pale Ale
Nottingham’s Pilsner
Gilroy’s Serious
Boston Weiss

STM will be at Symphonic Rocks, which funnily enough is sponsored by our other favourite beer, Heineken, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be hitting Hogs Head on a Friday afternoon quite soon.

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