Like all geniuses, I only fully appreciate Steve Jobs now that he’s gone . . .


When I started my first full time job I was a sales rep. I basically spent my day on the road driving from store to store doing the mindless crap that sales reps do. I also quickly realized that you tend to eat on the run which means you eat crap, and when I swelled to an almost unrecognizable size I decided the best way to get back in shape was to stop eating lunch completely, most days this excluded breakfast too! You can imagine how bad this was for my body. Since then I have pretty much not eaten lunch for 10 years scarred by the fact that lunch would turn me into a fat bastard again. This of course, for an averagely intelligent human being (I’m hoping I am), is *&%$ing stupid to say the least. Today I sit in a nice office, I have an assistant who guards my diary and I really have no excuse to order something every day that is healthy and fairly quick to eat. Why have I told you this stupidly long uninteresting story? Well for about a week I’ve been eating lunch in my office and I have about 10 – 15 min when I cannot play on my phone or computer but have to sit there and eat. With my ADHD this can become a bit of a problem so I’ve started to watch ‘educational’ Youtube clips. The first one I found posted somewhere online, and it’s a ‘lost’ interview with Steve Jobs from the early 90s so I decided to watch it. He doesn’t have very many of these types of interviews and I wanted to see the genius before he became the all-powerful savior of us all. I was totally blown away by the vision of the man, I mean he basically predicted 25 years ago what the future of computers was, where they were going and how they would change our lives. It really was remarkable to see how he completely got the lifespan and evolution of a product that barely existed yet. Here’s the interview, its fairly long but certainly worth it.


After that, as you do on Youtube, I started going from link to link. I spotted Steve Jobs introducing the iPod and couldn’t resist. I mean it was like being able to watch the telephone or the TV being introduced for the first time and knowing that no one in that room knew just how incredible this thing they were seeing was and how much it was about to change the world around them. What struck me immediately was the small number of people in the room, the parochial set, and small screen, the poor presentation effects and just the all-round amateurish feel but then I had to remind myself this was way before Apple became anything remotely resembling the Apple thy are today. In fact the product that Steve Jobs introduced to relative skepticism and lack of excitement was the key that was about to unlock the golden castle of Apple.


So then I decided to skip forward a bit to the next real game changer, the iPhone. In just a few years the difference was immediately noticeable  The crowd was massive and you can feel the excitement in the room. The presentation was slick and mostly what we have come to expect from Apple, but the most impressive thing, was the crowd’s reaction. In the first video where they seemed to be there just for a free lunch, now they were willing to kill the person next to them to be in that room and when Jobs introduces that Apple would be launching a phone, the crowd goes mad! Without him showing the phone, without him explaining what it does and without any knowledge other than this product was now in existence, these people were in euphoria. I stopped the video for a while and tried to imagine the feeling of being able to create a brand, and its products that people want so badly and deeply that when you announce a new one it creates a frenzy of happiness among its consumers and an almost instant petrification of your competitors. I couldn’t think of another brand or product in the world that I could put in the same category.

It’s amazing to see, in a few short years, how much more confident Steve Jobs has become, how comfortable with the crowd entertainment he is and just how excited he is to be showing the world his newest creation. Lastly, what is absolutely amazing for me to watch are things that we completely take for granted now, like the swipe unlock of an iPhone and how something that simple completely blew people’s minds. But I completely get it, the first time I unlocked my iPhone I did it about 20 times. Re-living these feelings was really cool!

Watch this and wait until you hear the first iPhone ring, a sound you instantly know now.


Lastly I skipped ahead to the iPad and again the differences are clear. Firstly my heart sank when I saw Steve Jobs. He is tremendously thin and has moved from being the conductor of the total orchestra to only the main attraction and now hands over the mic for a large portion of the session. The second thing is that the crowd is still impressed by the innovation but less so than the iPhone and it almost seems like this level of innovation has now become the norm for Apple and Jobs. Imagine that, a space that quantum leaps in innovation would become expected from a company. Incredible standards he set for us all! The mood almost moved from the adoration of a young rockstar in the iPhone to the longer term appreciation and respect for a rock god. Lastly the collaboration with other suppliers is evident more than ever. I attribute this to the fact that companies in the periphery of any Apple device understands its ‘with us or against us’ with Apple and if you are against us then you are nothing. Its clear to see the companies clamoring to get into Apples good books from Yahoo to the NY Times to EA sports, all of them want to be lit up by the Jobs glow.

Have a watch.


I’ve written a few time about Apple but when Steve Jobs died I wrote a letter of thanks, an open honest and truthful recognition of a man who literally changed the entire world, little did I know just how much we would miss him. Since then we have no doubt seen Apple slip, their usual state security like ability to keep new products under wraps has melted away. Their steps forward in innovation have slowed and their delivery of devices has become questionable. We have watched Samsung innovate and win more and more and we have seen just how influential a man like Jobs was on all of us. After spending a few weeks, in 10 minutes intervals over lunch, watching my self-made mini-series of Steve Jobs’s gifts to the world I feel less and less excited by the future of Apple and indeed the industry that will never be pushed quite as hard as it was under Jobs.

We will all lose in his absence, of that there is no doubt!

I don’t want to live in a world where Apple isn’t king!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now (apparently, on review, a lot longer than I thought while writing this), and in fact I have urged everyone I know for the last 6 – 8 months to move their money out of Apple and into Samsung, due to the impending switch of gadget gods.

I don’t put it down to the death of Steve Jobs, although I considered him a modern day Leonardo da Vinci of sorts. Even he could not have continued on the curve of innovation he had started with, perhaps he would have had the vision to do what he did to music in the Television sphere, but I still think that Apple was due for a gut check and its coming right about now.


When you are an innovator you are basically giving the world something before your competitors have time to copy it, and, in the case of Samsung that’s not a lot of time, but I believe the switch at the top of the electronics world is happening for greater reasons than this.

Samsung has managed to establish a range of products for all pockets, for all needs and for the entire household. They can offer you everything from a fridge, to a microwave to a TV and everything around it, but now, finally, they have the key to unlock them all, mobile.


Its almost as if Samsung have just been developing their arsenal in every shape and size for any possible situation and now they have the remote control, literally, to make them all work in unison. This is slightly different to Apples strategy of developing the greatest possible weapon ever, like the iPod, and hoping it’ll destroy anything. Apple, it would seem, are for the first time out gunned in the war.

I truly believe Samsung will be the next 20 years’ Sony of the 80s and will continue to make products in every conceivable shape or size for everyday use. My biggest fear though, well technology wise that is, is that with no one for them to chase they will inevitably become slack on innovation. Currently they are chasing the iPhone / iPad in the mobile market and this has yielded fantastic results for the consumer so far. Two great companies pushing each other in every new innovation only to the benefit of you and me. We finally have multiple, equally interesting and innovative devices to choose from, but what happens when Samsung overtake Apple, which may just have happened with the new Galaxy S IV?

The answer I’m afraid to say is the sexiness of new innovation will slowly wither and wilt and we will be forced to swallow whatever crap the manufacturers spit out at us. How do you think a giant like Sony managed to die? If you don’t believe me look at the substandard Apple products you’ve had to buy recently. iPhone 4s & 5 are basically just face lifted products with no benefit really if you compare the change from your Blackberry to the first iPhone – you didn’t quite get the same tech hard-on did you. Then there are retina display iPads, mini iPads and the like that again have insulted our expectation of Apples usual ability to blow our mind. They have become sad, slow, corporate and unless they bring me a TV that is paper thin and can fly around my house, they will have not continued on the path they set out on – I hope Steve is turning in his grave!


For now enjoy the competition between two parts of the world, South Korea & The US of A, two tech giants, Samsung & Apple and two innovation kings but mark my words enjoy it while it lasts because with the world not chasing Apple down the path of imagination the same thing will happen to tech as happened to golf when everyone didn’t have Tiger Woods to chase around Augusta National – IT WILL GET BORING!

Have they finally found the solution?

I think the second oldest question (yes not entirely correct we know) facing mankind after, ‘why are we here?’ is the dilemma ‘How do I get a phone fully integrated as a camera or vica versa’?

Since I have gone back to iPhone I have realized that the late genius Steve Jobs got it almost right. The 4s really does take good quality (good enough for holiday snaps, social media and any kind of sharing) shots during the day and really good video as well. But as much as I want this to stop me from carrying around a camera as well as a phone, it doesn’t. On holiday or during special events I still find myself, especially at night, clinging to an out and out camera.

So has Steve been outdone finally by Samsung?

If you are looking for the short answer, NO!

What Samsung have done is taken a very fine camera shooting over 16 megapixels (they have been making really decent cameras for a while now!) and they have given it, really, a social media platform to stand on. It allows you to snap away and upload to FB, Twitter, Instagram and the like with full functioning like your smartphone has BUT and the, J-LO sized, but for me is that it doesn’t allow voice. So essentially without going any further I still have to carry two devices (and one of them is thins bulky thing!)

What these boys and girls at Samsung HAVE done however is really, just now, started to realize we need a solution for the two device problem and been brave enough to take a first real, post smart phone excuse, step. The only reason we are so skeptical is that the two devices they are trying to combine have both advanced really fast and so the combination will, absolutely, take longer to catch up (just as the tablet did) but it’s a start at least!

As soon as Samsung put their hordes of geeks to work I have no doubt this device will get slimmer, sharper and faster. It will get voice, email and everything else your sexy new Galaxy S III smartphone has and I think if they actually manage to get this right they may have a product that could finally tip the scales in their favour against their bitter rival Apple (in hardware that is – in court room battles its still all Apples ways).

Let’s be honest though, Mr. Cook over at Apple has BFG sized footsteps to follow in so he isn’t going to be sitting still and perhaps the announcements on the 12th (which I’m waiting around for like a kid the night before Christmas – or Hanukkah in my case) may yet again stretch the gap to laughable levels!

Either way you see it this has to be good for you and me, the early adopters, so sit back and enjoy watching these two giants push each other further and further ahead!

For an in depth review of the product itself always turn to the brilliant guys at GIZMAG

They see me rollin, they hate it!

So, finally the greatest puzzle eluding mankind has been solved! Well kinda. If you own two iPads and you purchase a ‘Double’ set of wheels from Double Robotics you can now officially be two places at once.

I must admit on first looking at this video even the price tag of $1,999 if you pre-order ($2,499 otherwise), shipping in December, didn’t even deter me because the thought of being ‘this guy’ in a meeting in China just made me tingle all over!

Have a look!


Once I got over the initial early adopter tingles, I started to think about this a little! The point of being two places at once, certainly in my life, is that you can actively participate in two different scenarios simultaneously. This sadly doesn’t allow you to do that, reason being you will have a boardroom full of people gawking at your face on an iPad screen rolling around on wheels while you try to juggle a conference call and a few emails on the other end!

So it’s out for work sadly. So then I started to think about all the other glorious ways to use this. You could go to sporting events or concerts but then I realised that there’s no point in pseudo being there as all the joy is in actually being there. Then I thought maybe famous art exhibitions around the world or seeing great sites that you may not be able to get to. Again though I realised the internet can pretty much (along with Google Earth / Street view etc.) handle all of that.

So, prognosis?

Unless you feel like spending a bit of money to do nothing more than attend a board meeting down the hall from your office just so you can hear the crowd gasp as you literally roll in (preferably with the theme song ‘They see me rollin, they hate it” pumping out of your iPad) then I suggest you stick with video conferencing as you have done for the past few years.

Needless to say this tech is rather sexy and being able you use your iPad like a video game controller has got to be one of the more fun things do to in a mundane business day, well that and ‘accidentally’ the double robot into the women’s changing room at the gym!

“If you’re green you grow . . .

. . . if you’re ripe you rot” is one of the sayings my dad picked up somewhere in his life’s journey and it stuck with him. More so it became a mantra for him and one that he continues to tell and teach as many people as he can. He does this not out of any self righteous belief but because he truly believes that if you continue to learn you continue to grow as a person and as soon as you think you have learnt enough in this world you start to stagnate and slowly you start to die.

One thing I can honestly say is few parents learn from their children, they somehow believe a parents role is to impart information and once that has been done to a certain level their job as parents is complete and the relationship can continue to exist merely as a familial one.The truth is that your parental tasks may become less but your ability to learn as a person never stop. My father continues to learn as much and as often as he can and when his kids tell him something is important to learn or understand, he does because he has faith in our intellect that if we believe something is important for him to know then it is imperative for him.

Such was the example with TED. I remember the first discussion around and what I had learnt from it (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you are probably letting the greatest source of learning’s you could ever experience go to waste) from that introduction to TED before I knew it he had enrolled him and my mother to attend TED talks in Scotland and so the learning process continued.

Why am I blabbing on about this, well a few days ago he sent me one of the most remarkable things I have seen since itself called TEDed – lessons worth sharing. This site allows teachers from around the world to create, share and build on each other’s ability and teaching skills. It is a site that allows teachers of all different levels to enhance their students learning experience by using the world of information at our finger tips.

I cannot intro this well enough so just watch their short video . . .


What I find so incredible about this is that there are people around the world who have dedicated their lives to enhance the learning ability of others and I started to wonder if perhaps there can be anything more selfless. This group of people has used the web to create and online learning center that can be practically used by students and teachers alike to absorb more knowledge – I have rarely seen anything more powerful and impactful than this.

So often I wonder what I personally can do to grow myself, to enhance my own existence and every now and again I wonder if I can do the same for perhaps a few other people in the world but sadly these thoughts are crushed by an overwhelming realization that the problem is too big, the world and its forthcoming generations may just be doomed after all and then I refocus selfishly on myself.

People like those behind TEDed give me hope, they inspire me and they should be hailed as pioneers in reversing the disaster that is the global education system. Thank you to these people for showing us that the world can continue and must continue to learn and teach at every opportunity and thank you to my dad for listening and learning from me and in turn teaching me again!

The Future 2.0 . . .

I wrote a post a while ago about ‘The Future’ of integrated technology. Most of the post was overshadowed by my newspaper read on the flight home about Julius Malema’s new antics but fortunately we are passed that now and can focus on the important stuff!

These guys from Corning are looking at it from one view, which is glass, but they had done a pretty good job of showing us how our lives will start to change and how the way we use glass in our house will evolve.

Well now they have gone one better. I must say that watching this really give me the most excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. It makes me think of the times when I was a kid just discovering tech and pretending you could do pretty much anything with it, the times watching stupid TV shows like CSI and thinking that’s impossible (but I wish it wasn’t) and the endless times where I needed my hardware to do things my mind wanted them to but they just were light years behind.

So, I give you the future (at least I hope so!) . . .


How do you get GEN Y to brush their teeth?

You see I’m part of a generation that doesn’t get the concept of long term reward or damage – that’s why we all smoke you see. It’s fun at the time but we don’t understand that it may kill us! Same with jobs – we want lots of money right out the gate because we just don’t get the ‘building a career’ nonsense.

We want the answer to a question, we GOOGLE it. We have an argument about movies and we IMDB it – we want things NOW! Simple as that.

So when it comes to your teeth you generally skimp on them because lets be fair, you have no idea what they look like, what damage you are doing and really in six months the dentist will fix any of the shit anyway!

So for mine and the disastrous millennial generations here is the solution – this things transmits images from the brush to your mirror so you can see where you need to hit, how long you need to brush and basically how disgusting you’re teeth are!


Samsung are the new cock-tease!

Maybe that’s being a little excessive but tell me when you see this concept ad from Korea you don’t get that same tingling you used to get when you first saw Pam Anderson naked!

Now I’m a rather large tablet junkie, I think I currently own 5 of them in various shapes, sizes and brands. The reason is because I can’t wait for the world of tech to become as mobile as a cellphone but as interactive as a laptop – hence the tab crush.

But as sexy as tablets are, they are still inefficient, clunky to a degree and don’t seem to be quite the future I was hoping for, and then I saw this. These clever boys and girls at Samsung have given us just a taste of the brilliance they are planning to unleash on us all. I just hope that this doesn’t turn out like the classic concept car scenario, you see this magnificent concept car at a motor show and a year later a generic piece of design feces pops out of a factory somewhere!

Somehow with Samsung driving this I doubt that’ll happen – take a look!


The year according to GOOGLE!

Last year the title of the article I wrote on Google’s annual Zeitgeist was ‘the only review that matters’ (if you haven’t seen last one – SLAP YOURSELF CAUSE YOU’RE AND IDIOT – then go watch it – it literally reduced me to tears when South Africa answered the phone) I’m pretty sure this year I won’t feel any differently when every auditory sense of mine is bombarded with best this and that crap of the year, over and over and over until finally the clock ticks over to 2012!

These guys at Google make my entire body tingle most of the year and when they combine all that has happened on our little blue planet in 2011. A video that, for the cynical *slowly raises hand* is a marketing campaign for all of their products but when you have a bouquet of produ8cts like they do its like watching a Victoria Secret show (not quite as fun but you get the picture).

If you live on this planet, best you sit down for the three odd minutes that this will take (Six minutes if you are completely useless and need to catch-up 2010 as well) and absorb how many lives were lost, families destroyed and saved, t3ears were cried and smiles were smiled. How many heroes and villains we lost in the fight and how nature continued to fight us back at each turn.

If you are a part of this world then just sit down and watch!


Steve Jobs: The world has no idea how much it will miss you sir!

This post is not about readers or comment, its about being able to offer some thanks and some praise in my own personal way to a man i have the highest admiration for and who’s life has tragically ended.

It’s strange to have formed such a complete opinion of another person without ever having met them. This is (I can’t bring myself to say ‘was’ yet) the case with Steve Jobs. I’ve come to realize this in the past daywhile reading the tributes, the letters and the well wishes for Steve and his family.

I’m no Apple junkie, not that I don’t buy every new toy that they make purely because I feel cooler just playing with it, but generally they end up lying around the house after a while (all of em except the iPod – they either live on or get lost cause every time I get a new one it’s like a tenth of the size of the last one!)


So, I didn’t ‘drink the cool aid’ and I wouldn’t follow the man off a cliff HOWEVER I have probably listened to every talk he ever gave, read anything he ever wrote or was written about him and sat like a spell bound kid for every hour I sat doing so! Steve was just special like that. He could create things that people hadn’t even thought of yet. He was the absolute epitome of a man who didn’t exist to win, but rather to win by such a margin that the opposition felt insulted for taking part in the same race. He was the Michael Jordan, the Tiger Woods, and the Lionel Messi of whatever he put his mind to and while most people know and love him for his contributions through Apple, the most impressive stuff was before.

BOY GENIUS about to change the world!

In May 1985, Steve was essentially ousted from the company he helped create, to be blunt. Most people would have been devastated, spending the rest of their lives seeking some sort of retribution. He merely dusted himself off, picked up his bike, got back on and started racing a new race, as if all along he knew this was part of the plan. He started a company called NeXT developing technologies (most of which are used in Apple products today). From NeXT to Pixar where he gave the world a new (well not new but basically revolutionized) medium for animated full length movies. What I’ve summed up in two sentences most men would not come close to accomplishing in 10 lifetimes, Steve did it in a matter of years.

When the Apple board basically came crawling back, Steve regained his rightful place at the head of the company he once fashioned but this time he was not in it to compete with the world, he was in it to obliterate them. Consumers like me and you were merely the beneficiaries of the bi-products we know as Macs, iPhones, iPod’s & iPad’s. Steve managed to make us all feel like kids on xmas morning when he got up onto stage and he knew exactly how to work it, he was perhaps one of the greatest communicators of ideas (while actually removing your credit card to purchase them simultaneously) I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing and like any legend of his time he will not be replaced easily if at all.

It was almost as if Steve held on to see one last launch, one last glint of excitement in everyone’s eyes before he passed away – hopefully he felt at ease with who he had left his magnificent legacy to.

The world has no idea what it loses when it loses a true visionary. The graph of human progression angles ever so slightly lower now, we may still get there but certainly not as fast as if we had Steve steering the ship. The world is a poorer place without a man like Steve Jobs, but unlike most, he left us a legacy that’s in almost every man woman and child’s hands, ears and desks. So often he gave us a gift of the future but without him the portal seems to be closed and we will have to be content with mere mortals and average progression for a while.

I will leave you with a clip you have probably seen, if you haven’t however, I assure you, listening to this man tell his ‘simple’ story to a graduating Harvard class will make you truly understand why today, the whole world should mourn the loss of a modern day legend!


Is this the future of glass?

Sometimes I see a product or a service and can immediately see 5 or 10 years ahead. It’s no gift or some kind of David Blaine magic – in fact most of the time its rather annoying because I can see what I want it to become but I know it’s going to take time to get there (this in essence has been my problem my entire life but let’s leave that for now)

These glass speakers are exactly the kind of thing I mean.

Sure they are cool now and, like WOW, you have glass speakers instead of the traditional box ones, but really is it that impressive. I mean nowadays you can get such cool speakers that it borders on art, so these glass panels actually look a little Holiday Innish in comparison.

The brilliance here is not in the design but in the tech.

You see they have found a way to use glass as a mechanism to convey sound! Why is that cool? Well, very simply if you are battling here, all over your house are windows, doors, glass mirrors etc. Can you imagine a day when the windows around your TV room ARE the surround sound speakers?

Imagine the amount of sound clarity and auditory perfection you could deliver if these panels were all working to bring you the sounds of what you were watching – not your vibe?

Let’s try a different approach then. You have a dressing room or a cupboard, yes? There is a mirror somewhere in it, yes? Imagine when you opened your cupboard to get dressed, brush your teeth or shave you have a playlist that played through your mirror – that people is very cool!

No more portable docks, no more cables and cords all over the place. Just, as I see it, one wall mount for your iPod, iPad, Galaxy or whatever to pipe music through the house. Touch panels on the glass for selection and volume and BOOM – the future! Welcome!

Until then, if you like the look, go for the glass speakers HERE . . . 

Facebook: You’ve changed man!

Can someone please tell me at what point brands think they are more important than their consumers?

It happens so often nowadays that the power of something successful goes to the creators head and before you know it the product or service has changed so much from the one you fell in love with that it sickens you!

It’s for this reason that I love brands like Nike so much, they never EVER forget that the most important part of their job is to make the consumer WANT to be in Nike apparel and if they lose that focus the switch to other brands will be so fast it’ll cause buildings to crumble!

So, what the F#@K then has our friend Mark Zuckerberg gone and done now?

With his track record of ‘revolutionary changes’ to the Facebook basic product surely he is trading on very little goodwill at this point. After this f8 conference I fear (no I mean I hope) the crowds are starting light their pitchforks!

For me Facebooks new TIMELINE crap is the beginning of the end (again here’s hoping). Not that I hate Facebook for any reason but I hate when the owner or creator thinks they can decide or think for us, the customer. They think they know what we should want and because of their power over us they force us into it! The only place this can be stopped is online and all it needs is an alternative. If a viable one arrives at the right time the crowds will be rushing out the door and across the road to the ‘new shiny pub’ before you can blink – cue GOOGLE+

It seems to me like MZ has had what most people do when they feel seriously threatened, it’s called a knee jerk response and I’m afraid (hoping still) that he has stepped one foot too far over the line. Just from a practical perspective my Facebook home page now looks like something designed to test your ocular reflexes and it annoys me every time I bring it up on screen!

Time for a change people and not just because we deserve better but it’s important to show the billionaire geniuses out there that WE have the power still and they must never forget the customer is the most important part of their world.

Just in case you didn’t feel like you were being held ‘against your will’ in the book rather than the + have a little look at this!

(If you can’t read it the TINY block is THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, the second tiny block is INSTAGRAM, then FLICKR and the massive block is of course . . . )

Scared yet? See you in GOOGLE+ land (somehow giving my soul to Sergey Brin and Larry Page seems a little easier to deal with than letting Mark Zuckerberg rip it away!)

Google wallet and how it IS going to change your world!

The first question I asked myself when confronted with the Google wallet was how is this any different from the Visa Pay Wave I wrote about a while ago? I mean if you think about it the only difference is I swipe my phone past a receiver rather than my wallet. I carry both, always, so really the only difference is dipping into my left or right pocket (spose my phone is generally out and in my hands so there’s a small plus)

Then I started to dissect the possibilities. You see unlike Visa, Google is not restrained to any single point or service provider. It really is the link between providers which means it can stretch its application far further than any stupid credit card. Think of anything you need to interact with via card – underground or metro, the gym, taxi drivers sometimes or even business cards.

Google can be any of these points of interaction!

Now before you think of the potential of this and how it may streamline your life somewhat, you need to overlay the amazing fact that Google basically owns the data on all of our lives. They know what we look for, where we go and now will know what we buy – what does this mean? SPECIALS! DISCOUNTS and, on the downside, endless targeting by every retailer in the universe!

I’m fairly certain that Google wallet, as it advances, will slowly put wallets in the same draw (by draw I mean line in the dictionary for extinct) as the yellow pages!

The incredible thing is that in a world where cellphone internet proliferation is faster than that of computers, this device could benefit any type of user no matter what age or LSM profile. The fact is from the most basic user (just small amounts & cellphone top ups) to the youngest user (preloaded lunch money and cell) to the highest spender Google wallet will simplify your life – the only downside, other than Google having its hands even deeper in your brain, is that I’ll have to find a new home for my Mont Blanc wallets

Just as one final point, if you are fairly tech savvy and are constantly looking to cut down on crap you carry around, you should be salivating about Google wallet right about now. The next question you should ask is – are you and iPhone user?


For the most comprehensive article on GOOGLE WALLET GO HERE – the brilliant ENGADGET has broken down everything you could ever want to know about it after spending a week putting it through its paces!So is this Google’s real opportunity to get Android up there with iOS appeal and that of all things Apple or will they cave and make and iPhone Google wallet app? Something to think about for now!


Fly like a bird (well . . . a smartbird that is)

You may look at a bird and think the secret of its flight is simple.

The truth is since mankind stopped beating its women over the head (mostly – there are a few who are still in trouble after the Bulls lose at Loftus) we have tried to break the code of the birds flight. The trick is that it has no rotating parts unlike any real man made flying object!

Finally (trust the Germans) someone has designed a real fake bird that authentically copies real flight (yes I know how riddled with oxymoron’s that sentence was) and his name is Markus Fischer

Do yourself a favour and watch this – it reminds me a little too much of the bird version of iRobot!

My parents happened to be at this TED and they said when they saw this bird fly around the room above their heads, their brains almost exploded all over the person next to them!! (well, not exactly but something along those lines in more geriatric language)

Watch it!


Solar is the future . . . here’s hoping!

So my fellow STMer is rather green (in the environmental sense) well apart from the fact that his car contributes a fair amount to global warming, but in his honour I’ve decided to post the greatest solar powered inventions!

Now if we are going to save this world we are going have to go about it similarly to the old saying ‘how do you eat and elephant?’ well, one bite at a time!

Here’s a bite . . .

Solar Powered Camera Strap

What I’m trying to say is that if we work out a way to substitute electricity for solar in as many products or services that we can, it can only help!

Solar Powered Glasses

So I thought it important to show you a few samples of just how easy and brilliant it can be to take a normal every day product and use solar as a solution . . .

Solar Powered lounge Chair

Now true you may say that these are nice Photoshop examples of a good idea, but really, isn’t that were all brilliant things start? Isn’t the idea and the vision the most important part?

Solar Powered shower

If so then these are the perfect start, now it’s up to the rest of us to make them a reality! If nothing else can someone PLEASE invent the bikini one because it would be ideal to be able to stare and have the excuse of admiring a great product to fall back on!

The COUP DE GRACE - the Solar Powered Bikini!

Here are the rest of the ideas!