Q: Jacqui Ainsley? A: She cannot be real!!!

But wait – there is a video to go with it . . . .


But wait it gets better – Lynx’s new campaign is a superb one – not only does it contain some exceptionally good looking women but also some good comedy

Here is just a taste of the best pieces . . . if you want to see all the ads click on the Youtube link and they are all there!


Q: Evan Moodie? A: Because Mondays make me mad!

I hate Mondays – i hate them because mostly i have to get on a plane somewhere and not return home until late in the week spending all day in something boringly work related! I think it only fair to try and make myself a little happier so this post is not for any of you – selfishly ITS FOR ME to try and bring a smile to my otherwise snarling face this morning!

Need i show more?