Its Friday so just sit back and enjoy . . .

Sometimes this city overwhelms me and my brain goes into safe mode. Thankfully this normally only happens on a Friday!

So today there will be no intelligent in-depth posts because sometimes it is important to switch off and revert back to caveman software and enjoy beauty in the female and automotive form.

 . . . and now for something completely different!

Happy weekend STMers!


The new Aston . . . ‘We’re not worthy, We’re not worthy’

Aston Martin has been my dream car for as long as I can remember. I mean its James Bonds car for goodness sake!

The truth is I’ve been taken by the ‘fancy’ of Ferrari and Lambo as everyone does immaturely. I’ve been sucked into the sexy advances of the R8 and of course been pulled by the fact that Tony Stark has this as his car of choice. I have been wowed by the, as Jeremy Clarkson puts it ‘bonkers’ designs of the super cars from Pagani, Mercedes’s brilliant SLR & SLS update as well as the Porsche Carrera GT (this one makes me feel particularly, eh um, aroused) and I’ve even, at one stage, allowed the opulence of Rolls Royce to infiltrate my dream brain.

After all this deviation though I seem to come back to Aston. It reminds me of a business man that is showy but just enough to appear confidently cocky but in an endearing, rather than a repulsive, way! It has the practicality of an everyday car with the sexiness of a high end sports car and performance enough to get the blood racing if the opportunity presents. It smacks of old, educated and wise money rather than Nouveau Riche rappers.

For me this car is the epitome of sexy and elegance with high performance and I think if you can find that combination in anything you buy it, marry it or invest in it!

So why all the preamble? Well here is the new 2013 Aston Martin DB9 . . .

Sure it is not a massive evolution from the old one but what it has done is taken parts of the Virage and combined them with touches of the DBS to create a magnificent next step in the DB9 evolution. Under the hood it has all the sexy things you want to see. It includes the powertrain and chassis tweaks which were originally developed for the Vanquish. The DB9 is packed with a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces a lurid 510 horsepower. The standard models come with carbon ceramic breaks and it has a paddle shift gearbox that I think is finally right! We will have to see how loud the Top Gear team whine when they test it out though!

It oozes style in the coupe version, which I always prefer, but roof down in the convertible version it has to be one of the best cars to be able to drive around Sea point, Ipanema beach or even London city centre on the two sunny days a year. Without question Aston have once again not opted for massive changes but have just made enough necessary changes to power and style to get a slightly more potent and aesthetically relevant car to take this model forward.

You must admit it is magical!

All I can say is Bravo and I cannot wait to see this $184000 beauty in the flesh!

A Range Rover without the class!

I LOVE the current Range Rover! I think it is everything the RR should be, big, boxy, chunky, dominating and most importantly with a hint of modern design (and by this I mean ‘old money’ modern not F&^%ING ugly ‘nouveau riche’ modern)

This is what a Rangerover is supposed to look like!

Now, I guess you are wondering how my argument stands up against the Evoque?

Well quite simply I love it – yes yes I hear you crying about hypocrisy, let me explain!

The Evoque was a trial, a test of a new market segment and a temporary vertical integration of a brand to see if it could be stretched, and it worked, superbly well! The Evoque pushed the boundaries of RRs design capability much like a concept car does (but thankfully RR stuck to their original concept like most never do) and it allowed RR to test how far they could go with the bigger Ranges.

So MUCH to my excitement I was expecting a more toned down, bigger version of the Evoque (with perhaps a slight hint of the stellar Discovery 4) and when I heard the new RR was to be revealed I could barely contain myself. I could already picture it in my head, feel it in my fingers and hear the credit card swipe through the dealers machine – they had sold me on a Range just by launching the Evoque, and then they F&^%ING went and did THIS!!

Now I’ll give you it’s interior is nice and elegant but really THAT.IS.ALL! The front lights and grill are based around the epically crap Land Rover Freelander instead of taken from the old RR or the Disco 4! The side vents, which on the old RR looked sleek and cool, now look like someone has been using a meccano set and the way the front and back lights extend into the body look like a complete design fail (while on the Evoque they suited the style) and the rest of the body is almost identical to its predecessor.

Range Rover you have let me down horrifically and you have without doubt lost a sale! I absolutely agree the old version has become outdated hence my excitement to see the evolution into the new one but I’m sad to say that it has the lost style, class and that hint of superiority that the current one has.

Shame on all of you!

If you are DUMB ENOUGH to want to see more – HERE is the gallery but do not say i didn’t warn you!

Prettier than most Italians . . .

You can be forgiven for thinking ,when a Polish car manufacturer releases designs like these and says they are going to build a super-car, that they are slightly out of their depth.

I suppose thinking the Poles could design a super-car to rival the great houses of Italy is laughable but low and behold they seem to have done just that. The HUSSARYA made by the manufacturer ARRINERA looks to be lighter and faster than the Lambo Gallardo LP560-4 and has a few more sexy gadgets, things like thermal imaging for those foggy nights of street racing.

Either way if they can design something that looks as sexy as this on the road – they have my pre-order!

(no you idiot this is not a pink car with orange interior)

For all the accurate specs GO HERE! For all the fun details of how this thing made it from sketch to prototype (which is seriously badass itself) into manufacturing phase GO HERE! The good news is we should be able to climb into one of these things fairly soon with production scheduled to start early next year.

For now though you will have to be content with this little teaser!


Sometimes I wonder why we do it all . . .

Sitting at my desk writing this while you are all probably still asleep I can’t help but wonder why the hell we do all of this, why we don’t throw in the career, the possessions and all the other crap and just go and exist somewhere out of mind and out of sight!

Well it may seem shallow and it may seem stupid but right now at this exact moment . . . these are a few of the reasons why not!


’67 SHELBY GT500



Bentley GTC











and the prettiest of them all ALPHA ROMEO 8C

So when you arrive at work today as most of you will do in the next short while, don’t think about your boss or your clients, don’t think about your colleagues or your job description. Pick one of these majestic magical beauties and focus on that. Focus on the feeling when your butt nestles in the perfectly fitted leather racing seats. Think about the smell of a new car. Think about the feeling the first time you park it in a public place and get out. Think about the first time your foot hits the accelerator and you feel a charge of electric excitement surge through your body!

Think about that and tell me you are not inspired to work harder!

Have a great day STMers!

Now this is a supercar!

It has 700hp, looks absolutely crazy, makes an evil noise, does 0-100 in 2.9 seconds, goes on to about 350km/h and in this case, is orange. Sounds like a true super car. I’m talking about the new Lamborghini Aventador, named in traditional Lambo fashion after a legendary bull. I’d imagine it must have been some bad-ass bull to give it’s name to this metal beast.


This video’s also quite impressive – watch it.

Why Aston Martin WHY?

If you are good at something – wait scrap that GREAT at something – surely you stick to what you do best! I mean know there is always talk about using your brand to leverage a range of products but you NEVER EVER devalue the brand by bringing out inferior products in whatever respect!

For as long as i can remember ASTON MARTIN has been the ultimate sign of success for me – mostly because its James bonds car (except for a short crap spell with BMW) and lets be fair the man is damn cool but also because of the sheer elegance and perfection of a vehicle that could tear it up in any robot to robot race but yet do so with perfect grace!

So when i saw this concept (which i always thought was some designer at Astons spare time joke) was going into production i thought it must be time to take a stand – i mean this little thing is cool and fun and stylish yes – but doesnt it drag the Aston name through the mud a little? I mean doesnt it devalue decades and generations of building cars for ultimate speed and elegance? Not simply one that will fit on kensington high Street?

It makes me just a little sad that after so many men and women have poured their hearts, souls and passion into these cars and the evolution of them into the modern world – that this is the next thing to come out of the Aston stable . . .

If you want more info GO HERE – but i sincerely hope as STM readers – YOU DONT!

I just had to – after this kind of shame has been imposed on such a loved brand – show you a company that have stayed true to what they know and what we know them for – Pagani has been known for making mad outrageous and willy wonkerish super cars and their new offering is certainly no different! The new ZONDA 750 is more mad, more outrageous and more powerful than any that have gone before – im even sad that Lolly Jackson isnt around to buy one!

Here is a site you can go to – PAGANI!

Some say . . . who the f**k is Ben Collins . . .

. . . so you SHOULD know by now that the STIG has been unveiled. And if for some reason you have been living on some far off planet his name is Ben Collins. Your next question should be who the hell is he? Personally we were quite disappointed when we found out who it was – we though it would be someone fun and powerful that had been moonlighting as the stig – and when this relative nobody was revealed it was almost a let down! BUT when you read about him you start to realize the man actually is a phenomenally talented guy who just wasnt given a shot at the big time for various reasons!

Here is our humble tribute to the man who has been a key part of one of our favorite shows for years . . .



Heres a snippet . . .

Collins has competed in motorsport since 1994.[10] In 1995 he competed in Formula Vauxhall Junior, finishing third overall with two wins and eight podiums. He also competed in the Formula Opel Winter Series, placing second overall driving for Sir Jackie Stewart who commented in Autosport Magazine, “When you see the likes of Ben Collins in Formula One, remember you saw them here first”

Godzilla gets a facelift

And by Godzilla I’m talking about the motoring beast that is the Nissan GT-R. The sleaker new look makes it even prettier (although I think pretty is probably the wrong word) while improving its aerodynamics. Rumours are that the facelift will come with a power increase too. I want one…

Check out the details and a couple more pics here.

Thanks Wag

And its hotter little sister is finally here . . .

As you know we have a fairly strong focus on cars – and for the when Audi brought out the lambo powered R8 they managed to perfectly combine the joy of driving with mans ability to design, develop and progress! The R8 (not only cause Tony Stark has one) is simpy a sensational vehicle to look at, be in and even sleep in :)

But now they have gone one further as you well know and we have been waiting for this car counting the days till it hit our shores – well here it is – price tag and all!

The Audi R8 coupe arrived in South Africa back in 2007 with a V8 engine and better looks than most supermodels and then, in 2009, followed the 386kW coupe, still called the R8 but with a V10 engine. Now that model has dropped its top to become a convertible with a choice of six-speed manual or six-speed R tronic sequential transmission.

And here’s what they’ll cost…

Audi R8 V10 Spyder 6-speed manual – R2 104 000.
Audi R8 V10 Spyder 6-speed R tronic – R2 149 000.

Audi has stuck with conventional waterproof fabric for the foldilng roof and for those to whom such things matter, it’ll take 19 seconds in either direction, folding under a carbon fibre lid. Its operation is allowed up to 50km/h.

Sexy, Tech and the Future

Sometimes Ferrari take moments out of the past and show us the brilliance of what driving used to be! They make vehicles that can put us in a place miles in the future or miles in the past with the speed, elegance and control of driving perfection!

This time they are showing us where driving will go – they are showing us what the future of technology, speed and vehicle sexiness will be! They show us a bit of the past here but this time where they are going is outrageous!



The SLS is here!

We’ve mentioned our love for this car before. It’s simply beautiful! And from these pictures taken in Morningside, clearly it’s here.

For more on the SLS, go here.

On a side note, a dude caught doing 290km/hr in a 120 zone in Switzerland is expected to pay a R7m speeding fine! That’s close to 3 times what the car costs over there. Ouch!

Thanks Suzie

Old school styling + new school tech = Perfection!

I have had many drunken debates with people on cars and which is better – old school or new school! The general consensus is that old school styling is unbeatable the only problem is buying an old Aston / Jag etc means all the crap that comes with it – poor brakes / bad handling and the list goes on and on!

So the ideal car is to buy an old one and the retro fit all modern tech – so new engines / brake lines / suspension and again the list goes on and on – the problem with this is it costs double what the car will cost you!

So finally the boys at Bugatti have found a solution – its called the HIDALGO (yes yes we know crap name!)

The Hidalgo looks like a miniature Bugatti Atlantic.

If you love your cars with a 1930s feel and contemporary German engineering features, HMC’s Hidalgo is sure to appeal.

Hidden beneath the curvaceous bodywork is a Mercedes-Benz SLK55 chassis and drivetrain.

All-wheel independent suspension and Affalterbach’s naturally aspirated 265kW 5.5l V8 should ensure a blend of dynamic ability commensurate to the Hidalgo’s outlandish looks.

If those BMW V8-powered Morgans are simply on the wrong side of the German powertrain brand divide for your loyalties, this AMG-powered HMC Hidalgo is a choice alternative.