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Zuma: Remain steadfast
31/10/2008 17:10  – (SA)

Cape Town – ANC president Jacob Zuma urged ANC members on Friday to remain steadfast in the principles and traditions of the movement.

“The ANC will never stray from the culture and traditions of our movement,” he said in a newsletter on the ANC website. “We confirm that we will continue to draw inspiration from the lessons gained from the lives of Comrades Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Joe Slovo, Beyers Naude, Braam Fischer, Chris Hani, Dorothy Nyembe, Florence Mophosho, Billy Nair and many others,” Zuma said. “In memory of these heroes of our struggle, we urge all ANC members to remain steadfast in the principles and traditions of the movement.”

Zuma said party members should not be swayed into “negative action by the anger arising out of the new phenomenon” of some ANC members who were calling a convention to discuss the formation of a new political party.

“We wish the adventurists luck, and are pleased that many are coming out and are resigning from the ANC. We expect the convention to unmask many others who will hopefully also leave the ANC in peace without any further delay,” Zuma said.

“The ANC lives, it leads, it is strong, and it will lead this country for decades to come, depending on the will of the people as expressed in the Freedom Charter.”

The ANC remained unfazed by the occurrences of the past few weeks.

The ANC was not for the faint-hearted. If it were, it would not have had leaders of the calibre of Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, Zuma said.


Jules – seriously man – stay out of the spotlight!

When you behave like a spoilt brat - you get BEATEN!!
When you behave like a spoilt brat - you get BEATEN!!

You can call ANC Youth League president Julius Malema many things, but law student isn’t one of them.

The University of South Africa on Tuesday, without any request to do so, categorically denied that Malema had ever been registered for a Unisa law degree, despite his publicised claims to the contrary.

According to Unisa spokesperson Doreen Gough, Malema had registered for two non-formal “access courses” in law and arts at the university but had “not made any further progress” in them.

Access courses are specifically aimed at students who fail to obtain a matric exemption and hope in the future to get access to the university to get a degree.

“These two courses consist of three or four modules, and Malema didn’t complete either,” said Gough.

“He is currently not a student at Unisa and he has definitely not passed anything here.”

This guy has to be my best politician ever!!! I dont think he will even graduate to the big boys ANC!


ANC Youth League President Julius Malema scraped through matric with an H in maths and a G in woodwork, both on the Standard Grade (SG).

While the league has branded the emailed list of Malema’s lacklustre results as a “faked” attempt to discredit him, Independent Newspapers has established that the results are real.

A senior source at the department of education this week confirmed that a digital copy of Malema’s results is “genuine”.

The email reveals that Malema, 27, passed matric with Es in Sepedi HG and second language Afrikaans HG, an F in geography HG, D in history SG and a C in second language English HG, the latter being his highest mark.

When initially approached for comment on Malema’s results, which he reportedly obtained at the age of 21, youth league spokesperson Floyd Shivambu was adamant that they were “fake”.

“We as the youth league became aware of this (email) early last week and we regard it as not being a reflection of reality that is designed to discredit our leadership.

“You can see from how these results were written that they are not real.”

He added that the youth league had considered consulting computer experts about establishing the source of the email, which he said he believed was someone “with an agenda”.

He, however, declined to reveal what Malema’s “real” results were, stating that the youth league was “not focused on the individual, but the collective”.

Contacted by Independent Newspapers on Thursday, after the education department confirmed the authenticity of the results, Shivambu reiterated that “as far as we’re concerned, these results are not a reflection of reality”.

Besides, he said, “we are not preoccupied with personal achievements in the ANC Youth League… we don’t want to look at personal achievements”.

“This really is not much of a crisis for us; it won’t keep us awake at night.”

Malema, who could not be reached for comment, has previously admitted that he failed both Grades 8 and 9, but said this was because he could not contain his excitement about joining Cosas (Congress of South African Students).

He reportedly never achieved more than 60 percent in any of his school subjects during this time.

Despite his poor results, Malema successfully registered for a law degree at Unisa.