Pack your bags!

I’m not sure what you’d do with these, but the history behind them makes these vintage Louis Vuitton bags far more desirable than their modern counterparts. They’re going on auction at Christie’s and are expected to fetch between £400 and £6000 in the Interiors: Style & Spirit sale.

Now imagine having those bags in this house!

Now that’s a pothole.

While I hate potholes as much as the next motorist, and feel they often aren’t repaired as quickly as we’d like, next time you see one be thankful it isn’t worse.

Tropical Storm Agatha swept across Central America yesterday, bringing torrential rain that killed more than 100 people and opened a 60m-deep sinkhole in Guatemala City which reportedly swallowed up a three-storey building. Read more.

Some would say the end is near.

Click here for a high res pic.

Getting high and paranoia

I’m sure you’ve all seen this infamous photo, Lunch Atop A Skyscraper taken on the Rockefeller Center in 1932 by Charles Ebbets.

Yeah, you know it.

In a similar (although admittedly not nearly as cool) fashion I saw this one recently which is of a worker at the One World Trade Center.

And then, as the internet tends to do, I ended up on a convoluted journey that ended up at this video. It’s just nuts. The internet. And this video. Make sure to watch from 2:00 onwards for guaranteed sweaty palms.


A super investment

A comic auction of rare first copies saw this Action Comic No. 1 featuring Superman, go for $1m! Considering the comic sold for 10c in 1938, that’s a pretty decent investment. If you’re a numbers type of person you may find that it’s just more than a 25% return over the 72 years. So sell your shares and withdraw your cash because comics are where it’s at.

Watch this space for a first edition STM comic. A very exclusive limited batch of only 100 000 will be printed and sold to you, our loyal reader at only R1000. But wait, there’s more…

Just kidding.

We are the world . . .

Yes i know the song is cheesy – but last night i watched the music video of the new WATW for the first time and two things really struck me – one is the massive amount of celebs on this thing – i mean the list goes on for ever.

The second is that this actually is an amazingly powerful song – to think that this one song has managed to bring hope to millions of people suffering around the world for over 25 years – now that is a serious achievement. It has made millions upon millions of dollars – won numerous awards and managed to unite hundreds if not thousands of the most talented people on this earth . . all because Lionel Richie and MJ decided to write a song and call a few mates!


Fine Writing

On Feb. 15 in Los Angeles Bonhams & Butterfields will hold an auction exclusively dedicated to writing instruments from Montblanc. Highlighting the auction is one of the most sought after Montblanc pens ever produced, the Magical Black Widow Skeleton limited edition fountain pen (above), estimated at $18,000 – $24,000. Encased by a web of white gold, the instrument features a filigree spider studded with black diamonds on the clip. From the Luxist.

We’re in the wrong business

An e-mail is going around about a drug bust where they uncovered a SH!TLOAD of cash at the dealer’s house. Besides the fact that you could spend the rest of your life only getting affection from Bubba and that you may ruin some lives along the way (unless you’re just selling weed, which is actually a good deed – crazy rhyme that!), this is great business. You’ll notice I struggled to categorize this piece…

Random fact: Apparently $1m worth of $100 bills weighs 17kgs.

Thanks Garth

Sand drawing is the new art: BRILLIANT!

There is talent then there is art – then there is genius. To be able to tell a story of the Great War in all its pain and suffering through the medium of sand art is truly genius! This woman has the most amazing talent i have ever seen – you must watch this!



These poor chicks dont stand a chance!

There are certain things you DO NOT DO!

Challenge Tiger to 9 holes, have a race against Michael Schumacher or play one on one with Labron James!

But perhaps the most stupid of all is pretend to be a swim wear model next to MARISSA MILLER – she is the ultimate bikini girl put on this earth for no other reason than to measure all other beach-goers against – a yard stick if you will.

Now if you are dumb enough to stand next to her and pout like you are some kind of threat – well then you deserve to look as stupid as these chicks do!



As 100cm = 1meter and 1000 meters = 1 kilometer – much the same as the above DEFINES swim wear!