If you’re on the Garden Route…

Unfortunately STM are stuck in Joburg this festive season (although I guess it could be far worse than spending the morning on a beautiful golf course in a semi-deserted city). While I’m not really too upset about missing out on the December coastal chaos, one thing I really am upset about is not being able to drink vast quantities of Mitchell’s in it’s home town, Knysna.

So, if you’re anywhere on the Garden Route, and I really mean anywhere, I suggest you get in your car and brave the busy N2 to get to the new Mitchell’s beer garden and tasting pub on Thesen Island, for one of their eight different beers.

If you’d like to get a little closer to the brewing action, you can also visit the actual brewery for tours and tastings. On the other hand, if like us, you can’t make it there this year, visit them on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Where you should be tonight

If you aren’t going to Symphonics Rocks tonight, don’t despair, there’s another place you really should be. It may be on the other side of the shooter curtain but I’d make an exception for this one.

Hogs Head is opening tonight in the Douglasdale Shopping Centre and is set to be one of the coolest pubs in Joburg. “Why?” you may ask – the answers quite simple:


Mitchell’s Foresters Draught
Mitchell’s 90 Shilling Ale
Mitchell’s Raven Stout
Mitchell’s Cider
Nottingham’s Pale Ale
Nottingham’s Pilsner
Gilroy’s Serious
Boston Weiss

STM will be at Symphonic Rocks, which funnily enough is sponsored by our other favourite beer, Heineken, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be hitting Hogs Head on a Friday afternoon quite soon.

Sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday!

BACARDI are planning a roll out of nationwide events as part of their new ‘Together’ campaign, encouraging us to ‘get out and get together’.

To kick-start their live campaign, BACARDI will be bringing together a collective of local artists from Johannesburg and Cape Town to create a unique once-off BACARDI concept party in their city.

This first show will take place at a secret venue in Cape Town early next month. BACARDI have enlisted the diverse talents of Cape Town visual artist Daniel Ting Chong, chef Kobus van der Merwe and synth-scratch DJ Sibot for the event, to create the first bespoke BACARDI experience in SA.

BACARDI have been hosting ‘Better Together’ parties for over 100 years, and whilst this may be a one-off exclusive gig, it’s just the start of BACARDI’s ‘Together’ campaign. More events are planned nationwide to bring the party to everyone.

Check out their Facebook page for more…

And while you’re here, check out the ad for the campaign.


Wine is just a drink for pretentious people . . .

. . . was the way my granddad described it, you see he was a working-class man, tough as hell, former Springbok Rugby Player, entrepreneur and probably the most humble human being I’ve ever known!

Seems though his view on the stuff didn’t filter down so well to my dad because roughly 30 000 bottles of wine later (this is a very conservative number based on his drinking pattern over the last 40 odd years) my old man is a massive drinker, collector and educator of the stuff and the appreciation for it has been passed onto us the three boys and gratefully accepted by my mother!

So enough family history, the truth is wine is no longer pretentious, in fact it’s almost become passé really. Wine is no longer for ‘rich people’ and in fact some of the best wine is some of the least expensive (NOTE: if you go on a date with someone and they pick the most expensive wine on the list a: they are a douche & B: they know nothing about wine!)

Now, finally, there really is little excuse with businesses like UNDER THE INFLUENCE out there!

On Wednesday night a small crew of hooligans descended on Campbell House in JHB for a tasting called ‘deconstructing Pinot Noir’ and I cannot explain how enjoyable, interactive and sensationally managed and presented the evening was. The selection of wines was absolutely stellar (I’m slightly biased because it included our Paradyskloof) the company sublime and the knowledge passed on by Allister from under the influence was invaluable!

I urge you, don’t sign up for crap wine of the month clubs, don’t get pissed at Winex and buy Mocholate Malbec cause you ‘dig the smell bru’ and DON’T be a naïve consumer of shit box/house wine!

Get onto under the influence’s website – check out where they will be and GO LEARN SOMETHING!

Wine is one of the greatest substances on earth for me for so many reasons, I guess mostly because it’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember but if I go back through great memories there always seems to be a bottle of wine or Champagne there – coincidence? I think not!

Thanks to the boys and girls @underinfluence for a stellar evening!

Do you wanna be a VIP?

The boys and girls at SMIRNOFF have given us two tickets to give to you!

As you are very well aware Armin Van Buuren’s : A state of trance is coming to JHB and we have two VIP tickets for you to chill out in the VIP section of the venue drinking Smirnoff the night away!


The only reason you are going and we are not is that we have a prior engagement that if we miss we just may get decapitated because believe me after the last time (just go check the CARNAGE and the BRILLIANCE) we hit the Smirnoff party there is very little chance we would miss one again!

Fortunately for your sake we have to  . . . .

The rules are simple – go to FACEBOOK and tell us why you wanna go. If we think it is better than why we would want to be there we will give you the tickets – easy enough?

Oh yes and of course the usual NOT OPEN TO UNDER 18s and PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

The competition closes FRIDAY AT NOON so get on it!


It really sucks when you get given something really cool, but can’t make use of it. Case in point:

This (excuse the quality of the pic – definitely not a Blackberry strong point) was delivered earlier in the week by a guy who looked rather worn out from a trip from Cape Town. On a horse. All he asked for in return was a glass of water.

I kid, but anyway it’s a big invite to the J&B Met with everything that goes with a crazy weekend away. I can’t go :(

Part of the pay off line is “Massive Outfits. Oversized Accessories. Gigantic Personalities”. Sounds fun, although last time we were guests of a liquor company in Cape Town I managed to have a pretty dull, hungover personality from an all-nighter before the event.

Thanks anyway J&B!

The night in pics . . .

If you missed our post on the chaos and brilliance that was the SMIRNOFF NIGHTLIFE EXCHANGE – GO READ IT FIRST!

But here is the night in pictures . . .

Some of Berlins art life sent over . . .
ATB thrashing!
Window to the Berlin party!
The legend that was MARKUS!
AS the party hit its highest note - the confetti rained down!
Headsets to the partys around the wrold!
And the underground bars for Berlin slammers?

There was a Tiger in the bathroom . . . .

I must just start off by again apologizing for the lateness of another piece, but to be completely honest the Smirnoff boys and girls threw such a monster weekend that we have barely recovered – if you compound the nights (and sunrises) with the lunches that had to follow for a few days, a stint in the Stellenbosch health hydro was the only thing stopping us from certain death (we just escaped – those bastards don’t let you drink???)!

When we interviewed Markus Schulz the day before the party we could see in his eyes that he was about to do something special! Sometimes people who are the best at what they do know it and want you to know it. Markus was like the genius who just wanted to play – to make people come alive and make the party epic – he is without question one DJ we are going to follow half way around the world to be a part of again! You don’t ‘see’ this dude play – you live it, and sitting in a boardroom listening to him say his influences range from Pink Floyd, Rock n Roll, dance right through to electro we began to realise what an epic evening lay ahead!

When his set came on late into the evening it all finally came alive for me!

All the containers of culture, lifestyle and music that had crossed paths through the sky to various places around the world finally sunk in. He conducted the mood of the crowd like a master and I remembered what it was like to be a part of a truly amazing party when the DJ, venue, crowd and all the elements come together! You put your arms in the air and feel time slow to a standstill as you dance through the perfection that takes control of you!

At the press conference the day before (yes we were media – god helps us all) someone said this is bigger than a party, this is about the globe sharing a night together and at the moment when the confetti boomed out of canons onto the floor, that’s exactly what I felt.

Twelve countries around the world were sharing a moment of pure Nirvana through music (and to be fair a large amount of Smirnoff).

What I always find amazing though is how those nights somehow disappear into mornings of absolute pain! I think I could actually hear my kidneys screaming like those weird things in Harry Potter that scream when you pull them out the ground!

If you know that beautiful scene from the Hangover when they find the Tiger you will realize the state we were in come Sunday. . .


Fortunately nothing that a little bash at the Company of Wine People DUCK POND, 350 of our closest friends (and clients) and 10 Lambs who laid down their lives to slowly rotate over hot coals to save my hangover, couldn’t fix!

Thank you to the stellar ladies from FD who got us on tour – we hope we didn’t let the side down and to Baglett for keeping the competition winner entertained at dinner (with limited success 😉 ) and us as well (with great success)!

And the road to @SmirnoffSA #SmirnoffNightlifeExchangeProject begins!

I am a perfect combination of nervous and excited for this weekend – it is going to be something sensational and just so you know what im on about heres the lineup!





And the one i cannot wait for because when this track drops i will instantly be transported back to my days of varsity and then the night will begin!



My only concern for this night is that I wake up with a tiger in my bathroom and a baby in the closet – other than that – CANNOT WAIT!

Why am i so excited . . . .

ATB, well-known for his single “9PM (Till I Come)” as well as his eight studio albums, five “in the mix” compilations and four DVDs, is one of the most famous international artists of electronic music. Monika Kruse, whose great talent and sensible musical feeling to choose the best record at the right time and to create an amazing and fantastic party vibe brought her fast recognition and national bookings outside of Munich. And Markus Schulz, with his popularity is at an all time high, but not one to rest on past successes; a determination, an appreciation of his fans support and drive to push boundaries within the Miami-based star is what puts him at the front of the leading pack.

From food, to fashion, music and cocktails, Berlin will be arriving for a once-in-a-lifetime Smirnoff experience.”


Steri Stumpi go for the working market!

Lets be honest here – flavored milk is not exactly the easiest thing to market (I’m talking out side of the sugar guzzling kids) but some how the boys and girls at Parmalat have done superbly well with their campaigns!

Somehow they have managed to tap into the adult fun side of flavored milk and got us all to buy in!

Heres some of their previous stuff on the launch . . . .

But more importantly FINALLY COFFEE IS HERE!

But more importantly there is a new deal from the crew at STERI!

“We believe Coffee Steri Stumpie will change the flavoured milk category forever. This is a product with a whole new purpose and a whole new function. This is a flavoured milk for a new generation who want to combine their love of milk with their love of coffee. This really delivers on that promise. I thank you,” said Steve, Steri Stumpie Coffee’s (semi-) official brand spokesperson. He also reminded those present that, with Steri Stumpie Coffee, things only get better, and better, and even better!

Steri Stumpie has introduced a National Coffee Exchange at http://www.steristumpie.com to introduce the flavour to fans that couldn’t make it to the official launch. In return for giving up your office coffee mug, the brand will send one of its elite squad of helpers to swap it for six of the new Coffee flavour Steri Stumpies. The new flavour is now available in leading retail stores.”

This is no joke – the crew has been doing their work already!

VERY EASY! Give up your MUG . . .
And get your COFFEE FIX!

@SmirnoffSA container should be arriving right about now for


Continuing on a mission to inspire and enable unique experiences, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project has uncovered the best of global nightlife, and will now celebrate the outcome when two very different cultures collide to create something extraordinary. Smirnoff fans in South Africa have submitted their suggestions of what best characterises their nightlife– from fashion trends and musical styles to locally inspired cocktails – via facebook.com/SmirnoffSA. Once all of the suggestions were in, DJ Fresh and Euphonik selected the ones that best represented South Africa’s vibrant and diverse nightlife. These ingredients will now be packed into a crate for Berlin to experience when the world swaps nights in an epic finale on 27th November.

DJ Fresh, South African curator for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, says, “Being a part of this campaign has been exciting seeing the suggestions submitted by South Africa. As 27 November approaches, we wait in anticipation for the crate to come alive in Berlin.”

Euphonik, South African curator for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, says, “After weeks of voting and ideas submitted, we are ecstatic about what we will be sending to Berlin. Having journeyed with the crate across South Africa and hearing what each city had to contribute, it is incredible to see the diversity of South Africa’s nightlife.”

Berlin can look forward to experiencing South Africa’s hottest talent, Gazelle. Voted by South Africa and based on their music awards and their incredible success abroad, there was no second guessing that Gazelle needed to be included in the South African crate.

Go to GAZELLEs SITE and see what Berlin is expecting!!

Very funky stuff – check it out . . .


I hope they are sending a few of these too!

Smirnoff Mule South Africa

Ingredients: 40ml of Smirnoff Vodka, 3 cape gooseberries, 2 fresh wedges of lime and topped with ginger beer. Place the cape gooseberries and fresh lime in the bottom of the glass and muddle well. Fill with cubed ice before pouring in the Smirnoff and ginger beer. Stir well to mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.

Pick a hand and we’ll give you a grand

Well not really, but pretty much. We posted a competition recently where you can win a rad True Blood hamper to the value of R1000. The odds are pretty good at the moment (as in there are currently three entries – one was us, one was a partner and one is actually in the running). All you have to do to stand in line is write the words, “It’s True!” on our Facebook page. Easy huh?