Its Friday so just sit back and enjoy . . .

Sometimes this city overwhelms me and my brain goes into safe mode. Thankfully this normally only happens on a Friday!

So today there will be no intelligent in-depth posts because sometimes it is important to switch off and revert back to caveman software and enjoy beauty in the female and automotive form.

 . . . and now for something completely different!

Happy weekend STMers!


A little GIFt for you on this Friday!

It’s been perfect blue skies in Shanghai this week and today I got an email to say, literally, put all your shit inside, hide your animals and if you work, pretend you are sick – there is some chaos coming (by chaos they mean heavy rain with a bit of wind – there seems to be some unnecessary panic about here)

But in the spirit of the end of the world I thought if we didn’t make it post again then our last post should reflect the good taste, lack of seriousness and all round aesthetically pleasant beauty of the world out there!


Enjoy and have fun this weekend – we’re off to fight a storm (if we ever see it that is)!

A little something for to get you focused on the weekend . . .

So once again I fear we have slipped a little too far down the path of serious on this blog.

To be fair serious times call for serious articles but as I found the below quote I decided that its Friday the 13th so F%$# IT – let’s throw caution to the wind and think about getting back to our roots of hot sexy fun!

Enjoy your weekend STMers!

and if all else fails?

Thursday’s Threesome

It’s been a long time since the last installment of Thursday’s Threesome. It’s not a case of censorship I can assure you, but seeing as everyone’s getting a little censor phobic at the moment, I’ll give you an appropriate image. This one has a bright side after the click of course.

We’ve tried to make up for our absence so the pic after the click is a little more than a threesome…

Thursday’s Threesome . . .

It’s not often that a Thursday’s Threesome features the same person three times over. Technically that would make it a onesome, and Thursday’s Onesome doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But, sometimes we come across beauty that deserves replication.

The Top Gear trio aren’t the most beautiful things to behold but it was on their show that we were reminded of the hotness that is Amber Heard. So click on the picture above and then do yourself a favour and watch episode 5 of Top Gear season 16

Thursday’s Threesome

This week we bring you half a six pack. Sure, some people appreciate the full pack but it’s a fine line between this and looking like a ripped dude that’s tucked his bits between his legs.

Having said that, the pic on the other side is actually six of something, but you’ll need to click to see what I mean – I’m sure I’m confusing the f#@K out of you.

Apparently a lot of people didn’t realise that the random pictures shown in Thursday’s Threesome are a window to something beautiful. If you’re one of them, make sure to click on the picture to see that beauty. And then go back and do the same for all the previous ones – it’s well worth it.

Thanks Brian

Thursday’s Threesome

So the World Cup started off a little shakily against Wales and left me in a position I don’t normally find myself in on a Saturday morning – stressed, with a beer in hand (although they do sometimes happen separately).

We managed to pull through and with one down we have a threesome in the pool to go. Fiji, Namibia and Samoa. I searched for pictures of them and found that the main commonality between the three was… wait for it… sand. Yes, sand. Now if anyone ever asks you what the three have in common you’ll know the answer.

STM, your source of credible geographic facts!

Click on the pic for more sandiness.

Thursday’s Threesome

I had to Google the three-body problem. If you’re interested, the short explanation’s below. If not, just click on the pic.

In its traditional sense the three-body problem is (generically) the problem of taking an initial set of data that specifies directly or indirectly the positions, masses and velocities of three bodies for some particular point in time and then using that set of data to determine the motions of the three bodies and to find their positions at other times in accordance with the laws of classical mechanics: Newton’s laws of motion and of universal gravitation. ‘Solving’ this problem means providing a generally applicable method for making this kind of determination of gravitational trajectories or possessing such a method.

Thursday’s Threesome

You’ve probably heard that dolphins mate for pleasure. You probably haven’t heard some of these others – like the fact that male dolphins have retractable, swiveling penises that they can use to hold on to things. Or that they’re known for trying to get it on with inanimate things or other animals like sea turtles. Quite frisky, that Flipper.

You may have seen yesterday’s post about the Cove and the dolphin slaughter that takes place in September so why don’t you take 30 seconds to sign this petition. Afterwards you can reward yourself for being a good person by clicking on the picture.

Thursday’s Threesome

I’m not entirely sure I get this cartoon. It could be the haze that’s still hanging after Le Tour, but I think it’s more just a case of it being a crap cartoon. Be that as it may, this week’s Thursday’s Threesome is in tribute to the beauty that is the female (although I suppose all Thursday’s Threesomes are) – after a golf tour with 12 guys, a few birdies and a hell of a lot of binge drinking I caught a glimpse of the permanent chaos that would ensue without the influence of the fairer sex.

Thanks to all the guys on tour for the temporary chaos.

Thursday’s Threesome

Crouch, touch, pause, engage. We may have just finished the Super 15 but the rugby season is far from over. This week’s threesome is a little something dedicated to the Springboks before their encounter on Saturday. While I’m not convinced that the *ahem*… results will be quite what’s reflected in the scene below, it would be nice.

I promise that the picture after the click doesn’t contain any graphic images of an animal nature or otherwise.