Finally giving the customer what they want . . .

At last some genius person in marketing worked out how to sell more lingerie to men!

Not that this was rocket science people I mean really – stripping to get you to buy stuff? IS that really the most complicated thing to come up with?

It’s not that most men want to see other chicks stripping in Lingerie that they want to buy for someone – its being able to see the product ‘in action’ before you buy it which is the appeal here! You get to see what it would look like being taken off, in the sexiest of ways, which is the point once it arrives at your door really.

If you think that men bought this stuff (or if you were one of the men who bought this stuff) only to see the strip show then people you are seriously confused about what the internet has to offer in porn and the real world in strip shows!

So no, the genius in the campaign is that men got to sit in their living rooms and see what it would be like for them if they purchased these items!

Sensational if you ask me, now there are a few more things to be added to this kind of ‘experiential selling’

I must say the teaser ad campaigns were pretty sensational too!


Its old but it’s too fun to forget!

Many kids grow up and dream of representing their nation and competing for Olympic gold. They practice diligently everyday and stand in their backyards imagining one day they will be standing in the middle of some of the world’s greatest stadiums being cheered on by a packed crowd . . .

Alas, most, in fact almost all of these kids will never get their chance. They will never even see these stadiums and their dreams will never be realised . . . UNTIL NOW!

The brilliant people of TROJAN CONDOMS have given us the Trojan Olympics which I think far exceeds the brilliance of the regular crap ones (and I was one of the kid dreamers – well not really but let’s just say so to make it far more dramatic!)

The Trojan Olympics pit the greatest in the world, at probably the most enjoyable sport there is, against each other in similar type of events but ones that evoke far more enjoyment from both the participants and the spectators.

Just watch the videos and you tell me if we really need the 100m sprint or the bloody triple jump anymore?



GO HERE to see the rest!

Why HEINEKEN is just too cool . . .

By now if you don’t know how much we love the brand with the RED STAR then go see for yourself – they seem to pop up in completely unrelated territory all the time.

Now I was trying to work out why it is that we enjoy these guys beer so much and I’m sad to say that it’s because of their marketing I’ve realised. I mean they are the Champions League sponsor first off which does give them a great advantage BUT more importantly their marketing ‘public’ track record is impeccable!

They have brought us sensational advertising, brilliant activation and now the perfect way to enter the coolest party the world has ever seen!

I have to say (and it’s a hard pill to swallow because as a marketer I’ve seen behind the curtain on this kind of thing so I really SHOULD know better) but watching this promo, the next time I find myself in a party of such proportions with a Heinie in my hand, I will feel a little cooler after seeing this, and isn’t that exactly the point?

Isn’t the point of marketing in whatever form trying to convey a message to the consumer? Make them feel what they would feel when they experience the brand?

Take a look and tell me if you can’t see yourself as the lead in this clip (maybe it’s just me but then again I can always see myself in this kinda party playing this role 😉 )


Tippexing YouTube

At first when I got this I thought it was going to be about a dude trying to shoot a bear and getting pwned in the process. Few things make me happier than seeing a trophy hunter / bullfighter / *insert any other sick fucker here* getting taken out by their “prey”. It wasn’t what I thought, but it still made me happy. It’s really cool to see some creativity cutting through the clutter of so much of the crap advertising that we’re bombarded with. This must be one of the best online campaigns ever. Big claim I know, but watch it and see (you’ll need to click through to YouTube for it to work properly)…


You tried typing “fucks” in the space, didn’t you?

Very naughty.

Thanks James

STOP saying SO much!

We are BOMBARDED by noise, words, images and sounds! We are exposed to such much crap that our brains start shutting out more than they should just to try stay focussed.

Marketers for some reason believe that the only way to reach the new generation is to treat them like ADHD kids on acid! I suppose sometimes this is effective, in fact begrudgingly I’d go as far as to say that this probably works on the bulk of the population because they are sadly hypnotised by the pretty pictures and colours.

But for some of us the chaos is just that and in order to capture us as your audience sometimes you need to simplify it, calm it down and still get you message across.

This is certainly far harder to do but I guess the payoff is that it’s generally far cheaper. Few people have the intelligence and the savvy to be able to convey a message in the most simplistic of forms, but when they do? It’s far more powerful than a thousand overpriced, over edited adverts back tracked by some superstar and shot in a location you can only get to by jet!

This is what I mean . . .

For LEGO and just one word at the bottom 'IMAGINE'

And the pay off line is 'no hair is better'

There are so many more brilliant ones HERE