Material out today!

We posted about the launch of the movie Material some time back, and are excited to say that today is launch day. If you weren’t lucky enough to have a caught a preview, do yourself a favour and get to a cinema this weekend to watch a truly world class South African film.


Comedic Material

Later this month, a local movie that we hear is brilliant hits the cinema (we’re yet to see it but as soon as we do we’ll update this post). It’s called Material and will be out on the 17th of February. Riaad Moosa plays the lead in the film, and is accompanied by Vincent Ebrahim from The Kumars at No. 42, who came from London, to play Riaad’s father. It celebrates the goodness of South Africa’s spirit and of the legacy of a unique and historical part of this land, Fordsburg. Personally I can’t wait to see it – check out the trailer for more.


Cassim Kaif (Moosa), a young Muslim man who works in his father’s fabric shop in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. In the family tradition Cassim, as the only son, is expected to take over the family business from his father. Cassim is a respectful son and has certainly not considered any alternatives; this is his life and his destiny. Until one night, through a series of coincidences, he lands up doing an open mike session at a local comedy club. He discovers a hidden talent for comedy; a passion is sparked within him like nothing previously in his life. He is encouraged to carry on with the comedy, a path that brings him into conflict, not only with his father but other family members and some elements of his community. This is essentially the story of a family grappling with universal issues like, identity, responsibility and duty.

The cast features an exciting line up talent, including Riaad Moosa, Vincent Ebrahim (Kumars at No.42), Denise Newman, Joey Rasdien, Krijay Govender, Zakeeya Patel, Carishma Basday, Roysten Stoffels, Nik Rabinowitz, Osmond Ali, Afzal Khan, Rabin Harduth and Quanita Adams.

If you’re on the Garden Route…

Unfortunately STM are stuck in Joburg this festive season (although I guess it could be far worse than spending the morning on a beautiful golf course in a semi-deserted city). While I’m not really too upset about missing out on the December coastal chaos, one thing I really am upset about is not being able to drink vast quantities of Mitchell’s in it’s home town, Knysna.

So, if you’re anywhere on the Garden Route, and I really mean anywhere, I suggest you get in your car and brave the busy N2 to get to the new Mitchell’s beer garden and tasting pub on Thesen Island, for one of their eight different beers.

If you’d like to get a little closer to the brewing action, you can also visit the actual brewery for tours and tastings. On the other hand, if like us, you can’t make it there this year, visit them on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Thursday’s Threesome

It’s been a long time since the last installment of Thursday’s Threesome. It’s not a case of censorship I can assure you, but seeing as everyone’s getting a little censor phobic at the moment, I’ll give you an appropriate image. This one has a bright side after the click of course.

We’ve tried to make up for our absence so the pic after the click is a little more than a threesome…

Thursday’s Threesome . . .

It’s not often that a Thursday’s Threesome features the same person three times over. Technically that would make it a onesome, and Thursday’s Onesome doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But, sometimes we come across beauty that deserves replication.

The Top Gear trio aren’t the most beautiful things to behold but it was on their show that we were reminded of the hotness that is Amber Heard. So click on the picture above and then do yourself a favour and watch episode 5 of Top Gear season 16

Where you should be tonight

If you aren’t going to Symphonics Rocks tonight, don’t despair, there’s another place you really should be. It may be on the other side of the shooter curtain but I’d make an exception for this one.

Hogs Head is opening tonight in the Douglasdale Shopping Centre and is set to be one of the coolest pubs in Joburg. “Why?” you may ask – the answers quite simple:


Mitchell’s Foresters Draught
Mitchell’s 90 Shilling Ale
Mitchell’s Raven Stout
Mitchell’s Cider
Nottingham’s Pale Ale
Nottingham’s Pilsner
Gilroy’s Serious
Boston Weiss

STM will be at Symphonic Rocks, which funnily enough is sponsored by our other favourite beer, Heineken, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be hitting Hogs Head on a Friday afternoon quite soon.

Thursday’s Threesome

This week we bring you half a six pack. Sure, some people appreciate the full pack but it’s a fine line between this and looking like a ripped dude that’s tucked his bits between his legs.

Having said that, the pic on the other side is actually six of something, but you’ll need to click to see what I mean – I’m sure I’m confusing the f#@K out of you.

Apparently a lot of people didn’t realise that the random pictures shown in Thursday’s Threesome are a window to something beautiful. If you’re one of them, make sure to click on the picture to see that beauty. And then go back and do the same for all the previous ones – it’s well worth it.

Thanks Brian

It’s a pic dump…

There was a post the other day that made mention of Facebook being the largest photo library in the world. In my small universe of Facebook connections it seems like today was a particularly active picture day.

They may not be photos but pictures/photos; potatoes/tomatoes – you get the… picture. To end my rambling I’ll share some of these images. Some funny, some thought provoking and some a mindless collection of coloured pixels that don’t really cause any chemical reaction in the brain.

Sorry for the poor picture quality – Facebook clearly has the largest library of low res images.

It’s World Cup. Learn the rules

If someone mentions women’s rugby I doubt many people would think of a field full of aesthetically pleasing females (in a conventional, socialised point of view of course). After all, it’s a game for strong, heavy, fit people who aren’t afraid to take a beating for 80 minutes at a time on a regular basis. The end result is you have people who look like Guthro Steenkamp, and in the case of women’s rugby, well they’re Guthro Steenkamp looking females.

Fortunately the lesson we’re posting isn’t given by the pros. It’s given by some good looking individuals who’d probably die on the rugby field (yes, death would be a real possibility). So it’s not an authentic lesson and it’s not going to teach you much about the game but it’s definitely a lesson in the beauty of the human form (in a conventional, socialised point of view of course).

Go you good thing.


Thanks Kyle

Thursday’s Threesome

So the World Cup started off a little shakily against Wales and left me in a position I don’t normally find myself in on a Saturday morning – stressed, with a beer in hand (although they do sometimes happen separately).

We managed to pull through and with one down we have a threesome in the pool to go. Fiji, Namibia and Samoa. I searched for pictures of them and found that the main commonality between the three was… wait for it… sand. Yes, sand. Now if anyone ever asks you what the three have in common you’ll know the answer.

STM, your source of credible geographic facts!

Click on the pic for more sandiness.

3D Mapping Projection

I got sent a video today with the message – “Very cool thing if you want to post – I know your writing brainspan only lasts 5 lines so this is a good one for you”.

You’re right.

It is very cool.

And this is only 5 lines.


Seriously though, there’s some amazing projection that gets done onto buildings. Check out some of the others on YouTube.

Sh1t, seven lines. Nine with these two. Ten with the thanks. Should I be counting spaces? On a bigger monitor are there less?

Thanks Mike

Thursday’s Threesome

I had to Google the three-body problem. If you’re interested, the short explanation’s below. If not, just click on the pic.

In its traditional sense the three-body problem is (generically) the problem of taking an initial set of data that specifies directly or indirectly the positions, masses and velocities of three bodies for some particular point in time and then using that set of data to determine the motions of the three bodies and to find their positions at other times in accordance with the laws of classical mechanics: Newton’s laws of motion and of universal gravitation. ‘Solving’ this problem means providing a generally applicable method for making this kind of determination of gravitational trajectories or possessing such a method.

On the other hand… you’re still a cock

I’m sure you’ve heard the recent Darren Scott saga. If not, the short of it goes like this – some colleague owed him money, hadn’t paid him back in years, they went on a team building trip to the bush, got hammered and Mr. Scott, when provoked, called the guy a k@ffir (excuse me for saying it, but the use of the “K word” really annoys me, as do others like “Vijayjay”, but I digress – everyone immediately thinks of the actual word anyway). No matter how angry you get, that’s not on.

I can’t really give a good reason why but I’ve never really liked the man. Perhaps it’s a little unfair as I’ve never met him and don’t know him but from what I have seen or heard he comes across as self aggrandizing type of guy who embodies a number of the seven sins (not that I’m into the religious concept of sin). That dislike has just been reinforced a little.

Having said that, I do have some respect for the way in which he’s handled the matter. Here’s the clip of his side of the story:

Darren Scott on John Robbie’s show.

A lot of our politicians could learn a lesson in taking responsibility and apologizing when you’re clearly in the wrong. I still think he’s a cock though.

Thursday’s Threesome

You’ve probably heard that dolphins mate for pleasure. You probably haven’t heard some of these others – like the fact that male dolphins have retractable, swiveling penises that they can use to hold on to things. Or that they’re known for trying to get it on with inanimate things or other animals like sea turtles. Quite frisky, that Flipper.

You may have seen yesterday’s post about the Cove and the dolphin slaughter that takes place in September so why don’t you take 30 seconds to sign this petition. Afterwards you can reward yourself for being a good person by clicking on the picture.