Why Unilever are the greatest marketers (company?) on the planet right now . . .

Ok that may be taking it a little far I suppose but really they can’t be far off. Following the massive success of the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign that has been hailed as one of the greatest campaigns in living memory it has now started Project Sunlight. If you haven’t seen Dove sketches then firstly you aren’t on the internet access side of the universe and second you are missing out of stellar marketing, so just watch!


I watched the video for Project Sunlight last week and I must say it’s just another step further into marketing genius from Keith Weed and the Unilever marketers again. They really have found a place in the soft spot of real people and are now milking it for all its worth. Now if this were any other company I would be slating them, or praising them, for taking a piece of human emotion and profiting off of it, but this company is different.

Unilever is actually doing it, they are doing the good that so many company spurt out at press cons and conferences, Unilever are living a sustainability plan every single day no matter the cost. Paul Polman is leading the next generation of business models into a sustainable future. He is an example to those around him who tell us the good they are trying to do but actually all they are doing is making sure the PR looks good.

He has taken a stand in his business, with his suppliers and his products to focus on bringing us brand that are not only world class in quality but are from sustainable sources, are helping people stay safe and healthy and are creating a better future than the one we have now. I’ve heard him say it, I’ve seen his business actively living it and its why adverts like this are so powerful because for the first time we actually have a big business ‘walking the talk’

Watch this and tell me it doesn’t hit a nerve!


Now don’t get me wrong, this is no ‘for nonprofit’ organization. They make a lot of money, they have shareholders, they have a board and they have targets like everyone else. All of this marketing is design to sell more and to make more, BUT and the most important BUT is that they are actually doing it in a good way. They are the only business making a difference on this type of scale across the world.

Now if you’re standing at a shelf and you are going to buy a brand, surely, without question, you want it to come from a company like their and not the competition?

That ladies and gentlemen is a world class marketing business. Hats off to them!