Why I will always buy great brands . . .

There are some brands in the world who take their status for granted. Some brands that just suck on their past glories to fuel the current status just enough to maintain it without really giving a stuff about the people that matter – the consumers.

These companies are most guilty when it comes to advertising. They don’t engage, they don’t surprise, they don’t shock and they don’t excite. Hopefully they die out as new generations realize this lack of respect. Sometimes sadly they are so ingrained in our lives, or we have no viable alternative, the latter are the worst of the bunch!

There are some brands though that are the opposite of my little rant above, one of which undoubtedly is Heineken!


Sadly I don’t get paid in beer or money to write about them, if I did I would be rather wealthy at this point, but I cannot help but admire their approach to consumer engagement in all spheres. Whether it be a great song, the perfect advertising campaign (for men or women), sensational activationphenomenal factory in Amsterdam (of course) or best of all the sponsorship of the Champions League, they somehow manage to come out top of the pile for me over and over.

Hence I drink their beer as my preferred choice. I admit it with no shame, I am a consumer and they have ensnared me in their net of marketing brilliance. I am a brand over substance guy, I admit it. Then again so is 99% of the world, they just pretend not to be :)

So after a massive preamble, here once again is Heineken knocking it out of the park!!

Thanks to @jamesdey for sharing!