Why HEINEKEN is just too cool . . .

By now if you don’t know how much we love the brand with the RED STAR then go see for yourself – they seem to pop up in completely unrelated territory all the time.

Now I was trying to work out why it is that we enjoy these guys beer so much and I’m sad to say that it’s because of their marketing I’ve realised. I mean they are the Champions League sponsor first off which does give them a great advantage BUT more importantly their marketing ‘public’ track record is impeccable!

They have brought us sensational advertising, brilliant activation and now the perfect way to enter the coolest party the world has ever seen!

I have to say (and it’s a hard pill to swallow because as a marketer I’ve seen behind the curtain on this kind of thing so I really SHOULD know better) but watching this promo, the next time I find myself in a party of such proportions with a Heinie in my hand, I will feel a little cooler after seeing this, and isn’t that exactly the point?

Isn’t the point of marketing in whatever form trying to convey a message to the consumer? Make them feel what they would feel when they experience the brand?

Take a look and tell me if you can’t see yourself as the lead in this clip (maybe it’s just me but then again I can always see myself in this kinda party playing this role 😉 )


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